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  • demont1 demont1 Feb 20, 2014 9:08 AM Flag

    only 6 days to go till the big miss. history is now repeating itself as it usually does. look back,

    to last quarter, I realize it was about 6 monthes back, but a week before earnings the stock that had a nice 4.00 run up, started to drop. jest like last time there was a small up tick then down. the drop[ was 4.00 so you can #$%$ume that last times 50% miss that was lied about so much it became a beat, will seem small compare to this huge miss that will probable fold this fraudulent garbage pile. im predicting we will easly see low 9s or high 8s. im so happy to watch blind republicans lose there money, when they refuse to see the signs. a basic rule of business is supply and demand and this spring when the majority of oil frackers start producing again we eill have a all time glut and barrel prices in the low 80s or even 70s, that's the sentiment of the oil traders like my very cool self. kog will fold and somebody will buy it for 5.00 and I will get richer and you professional losers will be ruined. get your nose out of l.p.s #$%$ and save money.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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