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  • gobrokefast gobrokefast Feb 22, 2014 11:38 PM Flag

    Friday's stock sell off was business as usual for KOG. Went down in the

    afternoon like Monica Lewinsky. I am dreading earnings and the coming sell off but took advice and sold 500 shares to buy options if she crashes.

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    • Really?

      And it's going to crash next week?

      What a genius............, it was option settlement day!

      But I digress, after all of the dissertations on growth versus earnings and you're still looking at the wrong end of the horse?

      Maybe some day you can run with the Big Dogs, meanwhile you can't reach the hydrant!

      • 2 Replies to symon_says_
      • Actually Go_Broke_Back is looking at the end of the Horse he loves best ~ The Horses petute! ~ We all figure him for a Rump Ranger! ~ GLTA Legit KOG Longs!

      • No sense in constantly having to degrade folks just to try and make you endless pumping of KOG look good. The stock last a HUGE amount from it's high on Friday. Why try to act like it did not happen and then try to explain it away with your option settlement day garbage. Lots of stock KEPT their big gains on Friday in spite of it being beneficial to some for the stock price to fall into the close. Always an excuse for the horrible performance of KOG since earnings. You guys must getting sent your daily "talking points" to explain away KOG's horrible performance. As for being able to pee on the hydrant, not worried, as I am plenty big to pee all over you. LMAO at you endless bloviating!!!!