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  • billnuts98 billnuts98 Jul 14, 2014 7:41 PM Flag

    do you bone heads think you getting one penny more than .177 of wll shares at the time of the deal?

    the amount of wll today or tommorrow or at 200.00 a share your getting .177 of the share price of the deal. this huge for kog volume of shares was to make the deal seem stupid like you fools that think your getting .177 of 83.00 or what ever it ended up today.tomorrow it will come to pass and the smart traders will sell the mistake. im still laughing over 35 million shares trading. if i could have one wish it would be for the scam to be caught by the sec and this garbage would be down to 6.00 in 10 min. at last count there was 12 investergations started today. i hope they catch that #$%$ incharge and put him in jail where he belongs. oh by the way 13 days to earnings release, more laughter comming. yippee down goes the #$%$ bag republicans bad karma for bad behaivior screw the old screw the sick screw the poor and now screw little kids your getting what you deserve.

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