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  • Motsam Motsam Mar 7, 2002 12:00 PM Flag

    The reason it went up.

    Hey thebullmarketisdead:

    You are completely grasping for straws on this one. You sound just like some of the longs did a few weeks back when the price was in the mid to low 5's. Give it a rest, unless of course you prefer to be the amusement on this site. This stock's momentum is going up due to its growth and revenue potential mentioned on the news of the last week. High Speculation of course makes this stock risky due to the uncertainty of its growth expectations. Judgment day will come during earnings anouncmeents throughout the course of this year, particularly Q1. Then and only then can you tell us why the stock is doomed for certain, otherwise your nothing more than a chicken little who took it up the ass this week by shorting!

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    • Those of us who are committed longs refuse to
      be swayed by meaningless commentary that would
      encourage less committed people to sell. We
      are in for the long haul and view weakness in
      the perspective of another opportunity to
      It doesnt take a rocket scientist to look at
      the chart and see that mad panic drove it to
      3.26 last September. Since then it has doubled
      and the chart shows we are breaking out of a
      trading range to the upside.
      It is futile to try and trade against the people who are professionals. In order to be
      effective traders you must have financial muscle of the magnitude that none of us have.
      Mutual fund managers have it, as do hedge funds, institutions like Calif. retirement fund, and of course floor traders and brokerage
      house trading departments. They not only have
      financial muscle, they have access to the media and can set up propaganda to back up
      their market move.
      The reason the longs get testy is not because
      someone introduces factual negative information along with an opinion. We get
      irritated when the same old basless crap is
      posted time after time, day after day by people
      who obviously have nothing at stake and a
      very limited knowledge of what the heck is really going on.
      I believe there are those of us who take
      a longer look at our whole system. America
      is the bastion of free enterprise and our
      ability to take a blow like 911 and bounce back is unbelievable unless you have basic faith in our system and those who participate.
      Of course you have to do your own due diligence, but I marvel at the opportunities
      that Americans have and want to share it with
      the world.

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