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  • matterofmoney matterofmoney Dec 11, 2008 9:44 PM Flag

    Real Networks is simply a welfare state

    I know this may be shocking to few here.

    Glaser could care less about shareholder value.

    What Glaser only cares about is 1) protecting his money as long as he can private jet off to the Congo and witness Gorillas in the mist.

    2) Examine the insider trading. Stratford and Sheehan are simply pigs at the trough. Upper management has no intention of growing the company. What they what is to milk sone sucker into buying shares so they can sell them.

    3) The DVD copying fiasco was simply a PR stunt to spike interest in the stock. All of upper management was laughing at this as they suckered "fresh fish" into buying the stock.

    4) To current employees, you must realize that upper managment thinks you are fools to work at 2601. They laugh in your face because they consider you nothing more then sheep. It's the ongoing joke upstairs.

    Sorry to whistle blow but I know, I am a direct report upstairs. It's disgusting.

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