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  • bubbabean11 bubbabean11 Apr 12, 2005 8:27 PM Flag

    court again

    Thanks tech,

    I must say the court room antics were hard to digest. Smoozing, winking, handshakes and uncanny gestures. I was listening to this big lawyer for the debtor talking with another about equity not being in the money. They were loud and abnoxious. Commenting that so and so says there is all this money and we all know there isnt any equity. It was almost like he knew everyone was listening. I saw alot of smirks at different times from Mirants lawyers. Like when our attorney commented to the mirant lawyer not to set in stone that the EV hearing is over on Friday. They all just rolled their eyes like ya right. They are all cocky as can be. I was thinking I would never want to work in this enviroment.
    U should have heard the lawyer who asked the judge that the examiners report not be seen by the judge. I couldnt believe the audacity of this little peckerhead. The debtors were scared that the report was biased to equity and tried to reason with the judge in a very akward way that it not be allowed to be viewed by the judge himself. This was very entertaining to listen too. This guy was very nerve racking and kinda unclear to listen to. The judge tried to pin him as to what point he was trying to make.The judge finally said it for him that he understands that he doesnt want him to view the report. I found this simply unreal.
    There was the motion by Mirant to sanction the equity comittee which was denied but he could induce sanctions at a later date if needed. All parties of the comittee must file affidativs in their involvement in the pr. He wants funding to the pr firm by members of the comittee to stop immediately. He was very understanding and direct at the same time in his decision. Our lawyer was very adept in his statement.The mirant lawyer was wanting blood on this one and wanted a gag order. Their motion of course was filed under seal.Sorry I dont remember all the names of lawyers and the ones I do I just cant spell. The judge will continue this discussion once all the affidativs are received. I felt the lawyer for Mirant acted like a dog I knew that we played rag with. Let the dog have the rag and try to get it pulled back outta his mouth.

    sorry I cannot type computer during day time and now I am being time to concentrate here..I will try to think of more....its just very interesting to see the fat cats and I highly recommend all to go the EV hearing..


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    • Well said, itooeru:

      I could not agree with you more.


    • This is truly sad. Here we are on a "new" message board discussing Mirant and how to salvage and repair such a travesty on so many shareholders and you bring up politics.

      You clearly do not like our President. Fine by me. May I suggest to take your concern to a Bush bashing message board.

      In addition, no matter what you think of GWB, for you to disparage the fine State of Texas by referring to it as "Texass" is a most childish display of your literary skill. I usually see 7 and 8 year olds twisting names of people and places around with such bad connotations. Let's not do this on what is a pretty civilized MB.



    • I could not have said it better myself and I whole heartedly share your belief.

    • Westy,

      I don't usually preface my comments with disclaimers, but occasionally, in the interest of getting a message heard, I will do so. I am, in my own mind, a pragmatist, looking for the best way to make my community, country, and world a better place according to my own understanding of the facts.

      My understanding is limited; the one thing I know is that the problems are very complex and interconnected, and nione of us can chart a perfect course. However, together, with a willingness to listen to contrary voices, we can make headway.

    • "This from the liberal side of the political aisle... "

      It's a shame you even felt a need to include that disclaimer. A factual statement, such as the one you made, is politically agnostic. Such is the nature of partisan politics that even like minded people have to protect themselves from insults from each other when they disagree on a point.

      You my friend do not wear blinders, do not drink kool aid and are simply a very nice human being.

      This from a little right of the political aisle.

    • Rec,

      At the risk of offending Texans, I would suggest they aren't so different from the rest of us. That is, they run the usual gamut of races, religions, and politicval beliefs. Castings such wide aspersions so loosely reflects poorly on the accuser.

      This from the liberal side of the political aisle...

    • I will do whatever is necessary.

      Thanks to bubba for being there.

      I will be turning in soon. Take care!

    • From what bubba said, it sounds more like you need to make sure you keep up on any gag order rulings the judge might make.

      I presume the fuss over the press release in court today had to do with one of the SHC lawyers making a public comment. Judge Lynn has no authority to make Paul Syiek shut up (or the rest of us for that matter) as he (we) is (are) not part of the proceedings.

      Get some rest Mike. You've probably had a very long day.

    • I am in Fort Worth, boning up on the First Amendment...Looks like I need to know it in detail.

    • Actually, I was saving my ignorant political opinions for the SO thread as well.

      Believe me, much as you might like to believe, you are not the only ignorant person out there so my post was not directed solely at you, although I know how important it is for you to feel special.

      Interesting that you would mention the First Amendment. Those that understand it least are always the first to throw it around whenever someone expresses an opinion contrary to their own. I am not the federal government and this is America. If I think you are spoiling an informative thread with political comments that should be posted in a different venue, that is my right as an American to express that opinion. Looking for censorship? Try examining your own posts. They are certainly pretty ignorant of the First Amendment which of course brings into question your understanding of the world we live in. I think it is safe to say there are very few posters that think I am a blind follower of anyone as I take the time to explain my thought processes and demonstrate they are informed and independent. All I know is that whenever you venture into politics, you sound like a DNC talking points memo. Talk about wearing a blindfold...

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