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  • turee_hugger turee_hugger Jun 13, 2013 11:10 PM Flag

    Upgrades and EPS estimate increases...

    gmoney is once again proving he has no clue... and has no access to what the Street is actually saying. Apparently his only source of info is Yahoo, which clearly is giving him a false reading. 11 analysts already have TPLM as a buy or overweight, so not much room to go up from there in terms of upgrades. But, apparently he missed the many analyst reports since the quarter was released, and the fact that EPS consensus has increased to $0.75 for this year and $0.93 for next year...

    Johnson Rice: "Production ahead of expectations, Rockpile growing" and "Upward production bias due to well performance; Rockpile gaining steam"
    Wunderlich Securities: "Production and Operational Growth Boosts Both Top and Bottom Lines"
    Northland Capital: "Excellent Start to FY14"
    Topeka Capital: "Setting Up into a Beat and Raise Story; Reaffirm Buy and Raising PT to $10"

    At some point, gmoney, you have to just admit your stupid scare tactics are just not having any impact. The small cadre of clueless NYC hedge funds that decided to short this have now realized they know nothing about E&P companies, and less than nothing about this company in particular. They now realize they are staring at a potential for $1.00 in EPS next fiscal year (one Sell-side firm took their EPS estimate for next year to $1.36) and they desperately hope they get one more chance to cover their ill-advised short position. This company isn't a "chart", it actually makes something that the world pays for whether you like it or not... barrels of oil that get sold every day. Revenues are not fleeting for this type of company, nor are they subject to "competitive pressures" like sales of widgets, software, or electronics. If they can drill wells and produce oil (which they will), and manage costs, their revenues go up and earnings go up even faster once they have covered fixed costs.

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    • going to be a strong next 2 quarters - for most all Bakken players now that we have the typical winter slowdown behind us...........All those shorted (~4 million) shares will rocket TPLM higher at next earnings or at sooner operational update...............

    • geez turee, I like it when gmoney talks. Every time he opens his mouth TPLM goes up..........

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      • you are right on the money with the concept that earnigns are being revised upwards. Upward analyst revisions is one fairly good means to forecast increasing share price. And management has been spot on in their forecasts- they know the company better than anyone and they are forecasting a good year, no reason not to believe them based on 1) their track record and 2) caliber now capturing all that once-flared nat gas, and bringin in/taking out water and oil, adn 3) rockpile second crew up and running and 4) their pace of drilling excveeding previous forecast. And i also give kudos to managment for optimizing their drilling technology (remote frakking to reduce time of completion; , moving to lighter weight ceramic proppant to reduce cost; etc). I almost hope for a mkt correction so I can pick up more shares cheap

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