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  • fabricone1 fabricone1 Apr 11, 2014 1:55 AM Flag

    Big option volume yesterday

    interesting volume on puts and calls yesterday. Looks like a strong belief ( bet ) on above 12 before October expiration. Also a ton of puts were sold. Bullish indication. Getting very intersting.

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    • I sold some Jul$10PUTs for $2.05, which would give me a $7.95 entry price (today's close).

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    • this one is due for a big run. can't figure out what is holding it down

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      • Fear of the unknown is the only thing. The winter was hard. Many of us thought that it would be a huge negative year over year on production. We have since found that not to be true based on a new company release. Fear of growth, fear of dilution, lack of long term guidance, lack of communication. All were resolved by management offering disclosure prior to earnings. Fear of falling oil prices. This one makes me laugh out loud. Fear of a lack of demand for oil and gas even funnier. Fear of Navy Seals and Business School Graduates breaking rocks and delivering petroleum to market. Unfounded. Shroud after shroud has dropped faster than a stripper's virtue. ( humor ) actually strippers' virtue is not the question. The real question is when the volume of shares begins to rise as demand grows as hot for the stock of this innovative company as the demand for oil already that has already been established. .
        The final veil drops next week and there will be a revolutionary rush by shorts nay not to cover but to invent new stories to induce the less inspired shorts to open even more short positions but behold a breakout potential that can have devastating results on the short side portfolios. We need volume to ensure the breakout. We had a head fake a few weeks ago but as I stated then there was not a handle on the cup. It is not always required but the volume was not there. A good outlook to go with the earnings that meets the street could be enough to drive the stock to 12 very fast. It would be great to see as Marvin could sell and take a nice vacation to soothe his wounds and apparent damage. And last I would say that this could signal the beginning of a new era of continued prosperity for our favorite oil patch neophyte. Good luck to the longs

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