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  • checkessential checkessential Oct 23, 2012 1:39 PM Flag

    Will AMR Surrive?

    All airline funding is "high risk" and has always been. That being said, there are several hedge funds very interested in funding American's exit. BTW, new aircraft were financed before the bankruptcy at favorable rates. Over 1000 FA's will soon be in the new hire ranks. Using words like fungible might be impressive to some but it does not make it true.

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    • dream on ...a reality check may soon be forthcoming ....if there were such positive factors , AMR would not be mired for nearly a year in CH11 ... The risk reward ratio is extremely unfavorable , most especially with an eroding economy Any financing would accordingly be more of a reckless gamble than a rational investment....see you at the " fire sale auction"....meanwhile , the tooth fairy will tell you anything you might prefer to believe ....LOTF LMAO !

    • hope springs eternal .....prepare for a reality check in the not too distant future .....the risk- reward ratio for new money invested in AMR is a speculative gamble relative to other options .
      the notions of checkessential may not conform to current fact .....otherwise the problems of AMR would already. be resolved

    • "mired in ch.11 for nearly a year". American is still very much on track to be in and out faster than of ALL of them in the last decade. 2500 new pilots to be hired, expanded international routes including S Korea, 777-300's arriving before Christmas ... yep, really mired in it now! Don't know why you wish for an american icon of a company employing tens of thousands of U.S. workers to fail and "roll on the floor laughing out loud" when someone says that it won't. Have a nice day.

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      • I in fact wish the best for all victims of the AMR fiasco .....but I do not see is any basis for much of the starry eyed optimism that is being billboarded .....All of these proclamations should be taken with a grain of salt ....The tribulations of AMR are only a microcosm of what is happening to the entire US economy ....go , cheerleader !
        "the sat on the burning deck- eating peanuts by the peck" .!