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  • divin4tacos divin4tacos Aug 14, 2013 2:28 PM Flag

    How many Airlines can you name ????

    Anyone with half a brain knows the Airline Industry is fiercely competitive , and the DOJ is simply Obama getting concessions for his UAL (based in Chicago donor buddies) , and his fight against Texas , a Republican State , just like his "war on coal" , it is ALL politics , money , and power , to strangle Republican donors of cash , while feeding the Democrat money machine ..... THIS is sick , here we are , a Nation competing AGAINST THE WORLD , and that idiot tries to shoot TWO American Companies in the foot ..... This is NOT "justice" and it is NOT about "preventing high fares" , it is simply extortion and blackmail , and will not get through ..... There is NO WAY you can hinder this merger when previously confirming the others , NO WAY .... ANY court doing so , would be as corrupt as the Mexican Police Department ...... True , this could dent the stock gains as it has , but in the end this merger will go through ..... Unfortunately the Washington pigs are going to suck some money out of the deal first ...... I bought 5K 2.40 , wish I had bought 10K or more , just tied up in other stocks right now ...... 2's are a steal , and ya , a stinkin buck-fifty might come from this , I will hock my house and buy like there's no tomorrow if this dips further

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