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  • wizard65454 wizard65454 May 12, 2004 9:46 AM Flag

    New CEO and nothing to say?

    No thoughts from people on this board who know Cadence?

    Is this good, bad, irrelevant? Who is this guy?

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    • Hi Schlep..

      ..couldn't agree more..

      ..said dweeb is Mohit Bhatnager.. he's
      even more useless than Pi Estrada (hard to
      believe but true..). Turns out
      he's never worked in EDA before, -but- he
      screwed around at McKinsey (another piece
      of sh*t company) for a year or so -- which from CDN management point of view
      is a perfect fit..

      It is the great irony of our times that
      engineering talent is so browbeaten and
      oppressed by said dweebs - as long as CDN
      pays outsize salaries to the Mohit Bhatnagers
      of the world (someone in that position gets their filthy paws on about $200k from what i understand..) and lavishes discounted stock
      on them.. there will be more Bhatnager lining
      up to feed at the trough and more engineers
      cut because they were a line item in some
      slimeball of a VP's (which CDN produces by the thousands..) spreadsheet..

      If this isn't '1984' and Franz Kafka rolled
      into one, I don't know what is...

    • >It's amazing how many of you guy's seem to know so much about the CEO stuff. This stock is going NORTH. The guy from INTEL would not have come if that were not the case, good luck if your short. This is a 30 dollar stock within a year!

      Price target notwithstanding, you make a good point. By all accounts Fister is sharp and likeable, but drew the short straw in the Intel post-Barrett succession plan. He had plenty of time to find a good place to land. He chose Cadence. Perhaps he knows more than the average poster here, myself included?

    • It's amazing how many of you guy's seem to know so much about the CEO stuff. This stock is going NORTH. The guy from INTEL would not have come if that were not the case, good luck if your short. This is a 30 dollar stock within a year!

    • i agree with the idiotic marketing crap that cdn does. i'm sure that other companies pump up the FUD in their marketing, but cdn has got to be king of the BS. without a doubt, most of the marketing people at cdn have no idea what the products are used for. they push the most inane crap, especially the branding bullshit.

      cdn is the kmart of eda, got all the products you need, they're just not the best, or even second best ...


    • buddy dont get so uptight, its not good for case, Fister must have his own secrets while being at Intel because why would he leave to join cdn!!!!!

    • what are you all trying to do . suck up to him so he will give you guys jobs!!!!!!!!!!!
      say how wonderful he is.

    • And no longer at Cadence...

    • Nice post, lislansld

      Time to de-cloak after about 2 years.

      After Joe, the management fed
      themselves on the CDN carcass, a carcass
      they very willingly created.

      I don't see Fister as any different, there
      are too many scum-suckers in CDN - and it
      will always be that way.

      Case in point, I've had the opportunity
      to talk to the group director of product
      marketing for logic synthesis, an ex-Mckinsey-ite no less - (another
      reason why CDN continues its death spiral)
      -- and I've known of the guy for several years..

      He is so full of cr*p - with his 'branding'
      and his vapid verbal diarrhoea - that my
      skin crawls. Throw him out with the trash !

      I've built chips for 15 years. I've worked
      in the business long enough to have done well
      (although that was -never- the point) --
      there will always be good and cutting-edge engineering work done in this country -- for I know enough people who feel the same - regardless of all the talk of out-sourcing

      But scum like said group-director who use
      up resources best spent on honest engineers
      deserve whatever happens to them - and it
      can't happen soon enough.

      What a sh*thead.

    • Nice to read an honest comment on this board. I was a 9 year veteran before I left. I worked for 8 managers, and 7 directors. Not one of these managers/directors knew how to lead or motivate employees. None had natural, inate, leadership skills. They had all been promoted to managers because they knew someone who liked them. They spent all their time attending meetings, agreeing with each other to avoid stepping on anyone's toes and losing their jobs. It was everyone for themselves. Morale, distrust, and backstabbing between employees was at an epidemic level. Yet managers could only sit and watch with their hands tied behind their backs, worrying about their own jobs.

      More layoffs will be coming soon as jobs continue to be transferred to India. Their competitors will continue to capitalize on their weaknesses.

    • It may have been the right thing for me to write, but in all fairness, I don't think the guy I was responding to really felt the way his message suggested. I think he was just exasperated with the guy he was responding to, and picked a way to show his exasperation that wasn't a way he'd normally pick.

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