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  • rgao88 rgao88 Apr 26, 2005 1:51 PM Flag

    300+ VPs with 4000 employees?

    This kompany should be bought by other companies and then fire all VPs.

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    • It might have been true many years ago. I heard they have cut it down to about 100 VPs.

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      • whatihavetosayis, even if they did reduce the
        # of VP's to 100, this is still excessive.
        Using a similar ratio of 2.5% VP's to
        employees would mean that a company like HP
        would have ~3,750 VP's. If HP ever enertain-
        ed any ideas such as this, Bill and Dave
        would turn over in their graves. Cadence
        hides behind policies such as this whereby
        they promote people to these levels rather
        than risk losing some of them to competitors. What this amounts to is carry-
        ing the "Peter Principle" to its extreme;
        i.e., promote people past their realm of
        competency rather than solving the infra-
        structure problem they have ignored for years. This is 1 of the major reasons you
        have such an apathetic environment, the em-
        ployees know if you don't rock the boat too
        much and keep your nose clean (assuming you're not completely mentally challenged)
        you can reach the stratospheric level of
        VP and enjoy the monetary facets of these
        As I've mentioned before, you can express
        your dissatisfaction with this BOD and
        executive staff by withholding your vote for various director level positions. We need to wake up the institutional investors to get
        them to take this action before we can
        effect the changes necessary to rid this
        company of these worthless people. I can't call them leaders because that would be the biggest oxymoron anyone could ever imagine. If these institutional investors were being held accountable for their decisions, they'd be subject to being fired as well, because this stock has been dog meat since the BJCL(Before Joe Costello Left) era. Anyone who knows how to get this and other messages
        to these institutional investors, please
        forward them to these sleeping giants such that some day we'll be able to rid this
        company of this dead wood.

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