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  • semicon20yearman semicon20yearman Oct 16, 2008 11:16 AM Flag

    Buy Synopsys!

    I've been saying it for 5 years ... buy Synopsys. Now they're in the best position of all the EDA companies.
    Cadence will take 3-4 years to rebuild, possibly more because of 3 reasons: 1) They missed the mark with DFM
    tools. 2) Synopsys now has an absolutely awesome Virtuoso
    look-alike 3) The cuts at the top didn't go deep enough.
    Good example: Tom Cooley - given acolades for customers
    he's hooked - but, they don't mention the customers he's
    allowed to get away due to poor management of his underlings. Also, he still smells like Bushby's after-shave. They need to cut deeper, especially on the sales
    side. So now they're down to 100 VP's; need to make it
    more like 55. If 20% cuts are coming, cut the high-priced
    jobs, not worker bees. Cadence has a strong foundation in
    their technical ranks ... now they just need to trust them
    and dump the VPs.


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    • Word on the inside...big pat on the back for the bloated ranks of VP's and management. What was to be a 300-350 person cut has now grown to 1150-1500 persons.

      Previous cuts at Cadence have all been for the show, not the dough. For every rank and file cut of 3 people, they brought in another manager. 8 years ago a developer had 2-3 tools, now a developer carries 8-10 tools with less than 1/3 the support staff.

      Captains don't make the boat move...the guys in the boiler room do. Cadence laid down and wet itself and their solution is going to be to dump another 1000 or so of the people they need the most.

      Nice goin guys. (but I notice that Bushby, Fister, et al are doin fine on their stock sales)

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