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  • unmesh18 unmesh18 Oct 16, 2008 2:15 PM Flag

    KITS - A poster child for what's gone wrong with Cadence

    I worked with the KITS group for 4 months and quit when the going was very very good. It just seemed doomed to fail as soon as I saw what their roadmap was. I'm surprised its taken this long but it seemed inevitable even back then. The whole idea of KITS once I was inside Cadence turned out to be so corny and ill planned it was untrue. I guess the same lack of thought applied all over has put the company in this state.

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    • So let's get this straight; you joined a group for only 4 months, quit while everything was going well...But the problem was Kits and Cadence, not you?

      Ummm, OK.

      Here's a thought: Perhaps the problem with Cadence is and has been that douchebags like you hop from group to group, only caring about how to line themselves up politically for their next hop...? Nothing gets done because instead of lining up behind a vision and executing against it, everyone (like you, Herr Douchemann) is busy reading tea leaves and trying to get promoted to VP.

      Just a thought.

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      • Ouch! That really hurt. But I understand where some of the bitterness comes from. There's probably a reason why you got personal in your response, but I couldn't care less.

        You can put in all the efforts in the world - but if the vision itself is flawed there's nothing much you can do about it. I was stupid I did not see through their sales pitch when I joined.

        I quit Cadence completely, not just KITS : so much for your theory of hopping groups, promotions and self advancement. When a company pumps in millions of dollars into a group which has no prospects of generating revenue, you know something is wrong. I could elaborate further. Drop me a line on my email id if you wish.

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