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  • eda2booz eda2booz Oct 16, 2008 11:20 PM Flag

    Cadence Layoffs- Here is an idea!

    This company is finished if they still keep on having 200-300 VPs. Here is an idea to Cadence's clueless BOD-

    o Fire some of those 200-300 useless VPs
    o Fire the extra-ordinarily talentless managers, marketing team and the TAMs.

    Do the above two to save needless overhead.

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    • I agree strongly. Cadence needs to flatten its organization dramatically. Way too much political infighting and not enough focus. The development groups need to be aligned with the corporate goals. Way too many silos going their own way and the result is no real innovation for way too many years. Their focus has been on sub micron design and that is a shrinking base.

      They need good relationships with the foundries. I have a friend who works at a major foundry who says that Mentor, Synopsys, and Magma are true partners while Cadence is always trying to extract more money out of them. ie, Cadences treats their partnership programs as a revenue source rather than a true partnership. This arrogant attitude is costing Cadence.

    • eda2booz, you've got a start on a good idea, but I'd take it
      1 step further, fire the whole damned board of directors for
      allowing this company to be totally mismanaged. You can not
      have 200-300 VP's without the approval of the BOD. Therefore, as is the case in any engineering problem you have
      to define the problem first before you can solve it and I submit that the real crux of the issue is the BOD. Hence,
      fire them immediately and you have a chance at resurrecting
      this company.

    • The major problem is a lack of competitive products at Cadence. Marketing or sales is not to blame they merely spin and cut deals to make up for a lack of technology. If Cadence products were leading edge the situation would be very different. As to the VPs they need to clean house based on performance and not politics.

    • Do not forget each VP has an admin serving him/her.

    • No idea where you got the 200-300 number from. Cadence has never had that many VPs. Currently there are less than 90, I believe.

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      • Jeez guys - VP is just a title; stop being so bitter about it. MENT hardly has any VPs, CDNS has ~90 - just means that MENT is more selective about what the VP title means.

        Of the 90 VPs, there are exec VP's, corporate VPs, senior VP, and ordinary VPs. Just think of most of them as middle management - the real VP's are the exec and senior, perhaps some corporate. Ordinary VPs are the equivalent of Directors at other companies.

        Sure they should look at eliminating management overhead & poor performers but personally I don't care what the title is.

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