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  • edavet edavet Oct 24, 2008 11:57 AM Flag

    Cadence Innovations

    Can anyone tell me what truly innovative product has been developed by Cadence? I know that they have acquired some innovative companies but what innovative product has been developed in house? Are their development teams spending all their time integrating acquired products?

    I suspect the answer is no new technology developed in house. So now you see that Cadence is a company with very poor upper management and lack of technical innovation. This is in very sharp contrast to Synopsys, Mentor and Magma.

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    • One big problem is their globalization (aka moving jobs oversea) strategy. By laying off highly paid and experienced engineers in the US and replace with 1, 2, or 3 young and inexperience engineers in India, China, or Russia. From finance perspective, it looks great for the short term. But that 1, 2, or 3 young engineers can hardly keep up in fixing existing bugs, let alone being innovative in creating new products. That pretty much explains it.

      Now, the blame is not on Cadence or EDA alone. Semiconductor companies managed to squeeze every bit of profits out of the EDA companies into their own pockets. Cost cutting became the only way for survival. No industry can sustain itself if there is no profit. Innovation? Survival has to come first.

    • RTL verification devision has very strong pipeline of innovative products being delivered. Cadence RTL emulation, acceleration, simulation and formal verification technologies are very stong.. SNPS foxed them with System Verilog marketing compaign.. CDN has been ahead with verisity 'e'..
      BTW, these technologies have their roots in startups.. Cadnece has been holding them together.. and coming with better revisions..

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      • In the areas you claim,

        1. Cadence RTL emulation,

        December 10, 1998

        Playing the white knight, Cadence Design Systems Inc. agreed today to acquire Quickturn Design Systems Inc., which has been the subject of a hostile takeover bid by the Mentor Graphics Corporation.

        2. acceleration,

        April 7, 2005 SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NYSE:CDN) (Nasdaq:CDN) today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Verisity, Ltd. (Nasdaq:VRST), a Mountain View, Calif.-based provider of verification process automation (VPA) solutions.

        Verisity had previously aquired Axis for acceleration

        3. simulation and formal verification

        7/16/2003 - Cadence Design Systems Inc. (NYSE: CDN) announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Milpitas, Calif.-based Verplex Systems, Inc., the acknowledged leader in formal verification electronic design software.

        technologies are very stong..

        Yes, when they buy a company. Cadence employees leave, start a new company with VC funding, develop innovative products, then sell them back to Cadence and get wealthy. That's the way it goes.

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