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  • CDNLong CDNLong Oct 29, 2008 4:52 PM Flag

    New CEO Ted Vecurevitch;jsessionid=PUIRGF5XJ2EP2QSNDLRSKHSCJUNN2JVN?articleID=211201720

    He did a great job filling in for Fister at that event. Employees really like him, he is well known in the EDA industry, and he is a great motivator. I nominate him for CEO.

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    • Thank you all for your responses. Ted and the Board of Directors, I hope you are reading this. What Cadence needs right now is not a financial nerd to appease the investors, but a passionate leader to inspire the company. A man with vision and charisma. A man like Joe Costello. Ted is such a man. He really believes in the future of this company. We really, really need such a motivator right now.

    • You are right on money. He is the guy for the JOB. No problem with vision, motivation and well rounded chief talking officer. Sales guys might trouble him a bit. But he is smart enough and seen the EDA world for a while.

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      • Are you kidding? The most excellent Ted is a cool dude and a good spokesman, but has no background in running a P&L, let alone a company the size of Cadence. Heck, even as CTO he was not on E-Staff which is just as well for him considering they were all kicked out.

      • Nope nope nope ... he's part of the good 'ol boy pack over there.
        He'll be partial to keeping people that need the boot. He's
        got too many friends there and would keep "business as
        I don't think he's the got the business savvy to do the
        job the way it needs to be done. Cadence BOD needs to find
        a CEO from another company that's done a spectacular job
        of building, rebuilding, organizing, creating a vision and
        adding to company growth and sees this as an opportunity
        to create an entirely new company, while willing to sacrifice
        self interests. I hope that Peggy A. (EDA Cafe) is reading
        this when I say, the next CEO needs to come from OUTSIDE
        silicon valley. SV is NOT the center of the universe. Silicon
        Valley needs a shot in the arm to help flush the MBAs out
        of it's system that want to generate revenue at blinding
        speed so they can retire at 48. I'm talking about long-term,
        sustainable growth that will keep customers and employees
        around for a long time.


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