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  • edabarsteward edabarsteward Jun 10, 2009 9:49 AM Flag

    Cadence layoff happening today

    Interesting - their Q1 call implied that no more layoffs were planned.

    CFO: "Quarter end headcount was approximately 4,600. This reflects a decrease in headcount of approximately 300 from the close of Q4 '08, and a decrease of 600 from Q3 '08. The reductions announced in November are nearing completion."

    Sterling Auty - JPMorgan
    Then you mentioned the headcount at the end of the quarter and the changes what was done, but just for simplicity, what should we be thinking about as end of quarter headcount exiting the June quarter?
    Kevin Palatnik
    Exiting the June quarter, it will be around 4,576.

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    • They need to be below 4000 by end of 2009 based on their revenue run rate of between 800-900M.

      So this layoff is not only inadequate, it is also not surgical against non-competitive product offerings.

    • People have many reasons to lie, most especially if they are biased or they lack accurate perspective.

      Setting aside the occaisional CDNS fanboi here, there is little objective evidence of the CDNS product line having any real strenth (with the exception of Analog, which they will piss away in good time).

      Keep in mind, this is a company that will be lucky to break $800M this year (against a cost structure of $1-1.1B), down from $1.6B in the recent past (an artificial $1.6B in my view). Customers dollars indicate quite a bit about the product offering of this turkey of a company, in my view.

    • Guy follow the data. With this information you can see how limited Cadence's penetration is with some products in the digital space. WIth the exception of the EQ checking tool, Cadence is not a segment leader anywhere outside of analog and system verification. Without technology leadership it is hard to drive prices higher. It would be far better to have tools that command high premiums rather that the dogs Cadence has in the digital space.

    • I'm done bantering with you since you obviously do not have knowledge of what is going on in Cadence because your info is totally wrong. It's very naive to think large semi-companies only use 1 vendor for each part of the flow. Very naive. My bet is you work at Synopsys.

    • Hey, go ask Toshiba if they use Cadence tools. You will be suprised to hear they use SNPS. Now that you mention it, Sony does too. AMD I hear uses MENT and so does TSMC. Some of those other guys will be out of the semi business very soon.

    • He has no reason to lie but he too seem to be in a "corporate delusion" that everybody in cadence seems to live in. Who knows what performance metric was used? and what Synopsys software was it compared against? DC comes with soooooo many add ons. If the latest and greatest RTL compiler was compared with vanilla design compiler or design compiler with datapath license/DC ultra/ DC ultra with designware? It is always so easy to tilt the results in your favor when you are the judge yourself!

    • Can anybody comment/ confirm that the majority of the layoffs, particularly North America were in their sales organization?

    • Your analogy with Ford and Southwest is fine, except the fact that both are in deep red. Do you want Cadence to bleed the same way just to have "me too me too" products? A more closer analogy would be the sale of its communication group by Intel to Marvell, merely because it did not make sense for them to have "me too" products in communications market. Which way do you want cadence to go? The Intel way or "South West"?

    • "$250/Barrel," eh?

      This is "just about making money," eh?

      Tell me why you're wasting your time with a $6.00 EDA stock if it's "just money" and and your tea leaves tell you oil is going to SKYROCKET?!

      Your naked shorts are showing Wiz....

    • edaguru, I agree there is no pot of gold in EDA as it stands today but CDNS can do better. If they cut the gargbage products test, IP, chip estimate and invest in the other areas they could create product differentiation and subsequently be able to raise prices. Next, Mgt needs to expand beyond EDA into an area that can leverage off of their account base. Maybe something in MCAD?

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