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  • nusaiba nusaiba Aug 25, 2009 9:41 AM Flag

    CDNS & LAVA will make a perfect merger.Must read

    Subject: "Positioning" consultant says Rajeev wants to sell to Cadence

    This morning one of my readers sent me a link to a blog where an unknown
    (unknown to me, at least) "strategy" consultant had written:

    "I sat down with Magma's CEO Rajeev Madhavan recently, and concluded
    that Rajeev has reconciled with the fact that he needs to get
    acquired soon, and that Cadence would be his preferred new home for
    Magma. Rajeev says that he has kept Magma focused on R&D, and is
    the only company amongst the EDA majors to be able to do innovation
    internally. I agree with this claim, and it is true that Magma has
    a very strong presence in the convergence device segment with market
    leaders like Qualcomm (QCOM), Broadcom (BRCM) and TI (TXI) as key
    customers. Cadence would benefit from the capability of internal
    R&D and also the progress that Magma has made from a product point
    of view in the last year."

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    • No way this will happen.

      Second. Although Magma has some nice products they are not known for their management quality and have been losing market share. So this is not in any way beneficial to Cadence which simply needs to focus on fundamentals rather than adding the disruption of another needless & non-acretive acquisition.

      They play if it does happen would be with Mentor.

      But anyone who actually invests in EDA should just burn their money and be done with it because it will not be a good investment especially now when there are so many good alternatives.

    • A technology marriage may make sense in a better economy, when both parties are financially sound. But not at this time.

    • Both companies are losing a lot of money and are short on cash. Why would adding two negatives yield a positive?. Also, who would finance such a purchase?

      Or are we talking about consolidating R&D operations and reducing headcount?

      Methinks that the reductions would need to be severe (50% ish) to make this work.

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