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  • tradingday tradingday Jul 16, 1998 12:59 PM Flag

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    • EOM. EOPosts.

    • Look

      You can index CDN to S&P i.e. 0% difference a year
      ago, now what
      difference? Apart from a short dip,
      outperforming S&P.

      As for the argument that semi
      troubles will hit CDN, SNPS, AVNT
      hard. All the semis
      need new products, more so in a downturn
      where they
      have to be even more competitive to survive.
      need to get these products out faster too. So any that
      on designers or design tools will die. I don't have
      a feeling
      on how their service business is
      affected by semi's downturn


    • Wow! This message board certainly provides some
      amusing exchanges. Here's what I have to add at this

      The reorg PR from Cadence yesterday is clearly the
      result of the departure of Michael Bealmear, and Dan
      Maher. One may wonder what the story is behind their
      departures, however it probably doesn't matter anyway since
      the individuals identified to take over the various
      roles under John Olsen are experienced, seasoned execs
      who will drive hard to execute their aggressive

      This type of change happens all the time
      in the industry; one mark of a leading company is
      the depth of their bench and the ease with which they
      adapt to new circumstances. Short term holders may have
      cause to worry, but not investors.

    • Now I'm really confused. Earlier in the day you
      said that:
      CDN. Peak pmylnar Jul 21 1998
      11:44AM EDT

      You're correct about CDN's absolute
      high price. Most people are
      lucky to sell within
      5-10% of the absolute high (or buy 5-10%
      within the
      bottom), hence my range. "
      Now you are saying,
      apologize for the "inaccurate
      nature" of my estimated
      price range peak (I eyeballed it off a chart).

      Well what is it dude? I wish you could get your
      story strait!

      I'm really curious how you managed
      to find your way into the yahoo messages for CDN
      without ever having look at the yahoo chart before today.
      You have done too much research on CDN and investing
      for me not to believe that you are a naturally
      curious individual (or team, which could be one
      explanation for all the back-tracking. swing shift doesn't
      have a clue what the day shift is talking about) who
      would be unable to keep yourself from checking out the
      charts on your way to the message center.

      I wish
      you hadn't totally destroyed your credibiltiy with
      all the backtracking you have done because you seemed
      to actually hve some interesting things to say until
      I realized that you are full of b.s.

      I must,
      however, thank you pmylnar for providing so much
      entertainment. The "facts" you present are almost as
      entertaining as the fairytales of the brothers grim.
      gotta get a life!!

    • Anyone who believes in AVNT must be a moron. AVNT
      stole the code from CDN. You don't need to be a
      computer genius to prove it because the graphical
      interface of several AVNT's software contains the same
      prompts and messages as the software in Cadence tools.
      AVNT got caught red-handed. Hurray Cadence!!! Watch
      AVNT hit $5 a share!!!

    • I know why because PMylnar is female (according
      Yahoo profile) and always bitching because of
      (Post Mens... Syndrome).
      One thing I found out that
      PMylnar just lied and lied:
      from a previous message,
      PMylnar said that she has not
      designed any circuit
      since school hence not working
      and/or associated
      with Avanti, but from Silicon Investor
      profile: Age
      30's, location Sicicon Valley, Degree
      Engineer, Favorite Stocks: Anything in
      Investment Experience: 15 years (what a genius
      invest since teenager) and favorite quote:
      management team is either stupid, they're liars, or
      just didn't know; all of which are equally bad.

    • I don't get your point, so what if CDN
      underperforms or overperforms S&P500?

      Do you always want
      your kid to top the class? Poor baby.
      And for
      specifically choosing a local optimum for CDN starting from
      June 1996 is unfair from any points of view.

      least CDN is helping the investors to make a good
      money. Everyone who bought then is happy

      Forget it, we all know that you hate CDN. IMOO.

    • I don't know what you are talking about. What
      Yahoo did
      is the same as all other chart service I
      have known of
      (SI, Big charts). What I do know that
      my 4000 shares
      bought at 7 (split adjusted) in
      summer 1995 and another
      4000 shares bought at 14
      (split adjusted) in summer 1997
      and now I have a
      substantial profit here.
      I agree that EDA share price do
      swing with SOX, however
      if you look at the last
      couple SEMI downturn (1992 and
      1996), Cadence
      revenues and EPS increased substantially
      (Cadence did
      about 400 mil in 1992, 600 mil in 1995
      and 912 mil
      in 1997 and about 1.1 bill in 1998).

    • Now I know why your wrong. The chart you're
      looking at shows CDN and the SP500 on the same chart/same
      scale. That isn't the way that relatice strength works!
      You must 1) take a start date, 2) index CDN's
      performance to the S&P500. YHOO doesn't do this. They just
      overlay the 2 charts. Also, I apologize for the
      "inaccurate nature" of my estimated price range peak (I
      eyeballed it off a chart). However, the conclusion remains
      the same. CDN has underperformed the S&P500 ever
      since the semiconductor business started to roll over
      in June of 1996. Guess what?! It's never different.
      Look at Linear Technologies PR tonight. They are the
      best run semiconductor company in the world, and
      walla, 6-9 months after orders for memory and MPU
      companies rolled over, they're seeing it. CDN and SNPS and
      yes AVNT are next. We'll see who has been
      conservative in their deal making. IMOO.

    • More pmylnar BS: "...and at its very peak it (CDN) was $36-37.5/s"

      Give it up...

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