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  • CDNinsiderNOT CDNinsiderNOT Jul 27, 1998 1:12 PM Flag

    CDN releases big PR...

    ... stock goes down. Maybe the PR department
    should keep their mouths shut.
    All talk, no
    performance. Like where is Vampire and where is Silicon-Quest
    DSM? These are the new Industry standards
    Point tool solutions require DB transforms back and
    forth, waste of time and resources. Maybe BLDA can help
    them, Nah... just more DB transforms...
    20% faster
    and 6x clock improvement than their own old flows,
    PAY ME THE MONEY, is more like it. Just more
    vaporware claims, just like in the past.

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    • However the group continues to erode. SNPS down $3/s, CDN down $1/s and rolling over. Who do you believe? CDN, the market, or your instincts?EOM.

    • Because I feel like it.


    • How ironic it is to be recieving advice like that
      from someone who seems to spend his much of his work
      day reading and responding to the message board of a
      company he supposedly has has no financial interest in.
      Can you explain again why you spend so much time
      reading and responding to postings on this message board?

    • If you reallocated most of your summer
      entertainment budget to buy a stock, you have serious problems
      anyway. First, it sounds like you are to poor to be able
      to sustain losses in the market if you need to redo
      a budget to invest. Second, get away from your
      computer screen and play some golf or go to the beach
      during the summer. Making the stock market your life's
      entertainment is both dangerous and pathetic.

      probably should have waited to buy more in the low

      Have a good summer.


    • Personally, I think they are just a couple of
      scamps out to get a rise from people. The initial
      posting of new information or a rumor may cause some
      influential investors and speculators to do some research and
      possibly act, but I seriously doubt that these postings on
      Yahoo have any direct affect on the price of stock.
      Especially this long after an attack began. The things they
      are posting now are merely old news/rumors mainly
      worth addressing only for their comedic value..

      There may be a lot of short positions currently held on
      CDN right now, but I think their just a bunch of
      tardy wanna-be�s,--- the attack seems to have passed a
      couple of weeks ago after leveling out at approximately
      25. Somebody should tell them it would be a lot less
      expensive to buy a baseball cap from their local sports
      memorabilia store. But they should be careful about buying a
      "Yankee's" hat because the Yankee's may not win the world
      series or even have the best record in basball a couple
      of months from now. I must, however, thank the
      couple who are still attempting to denigrate CDN because
      they have really helped me out over the last month or
      so. The knot that developed in my stomach during last
      quarters free-fall seems to have disappeared even though
      the price has yet to rebound all the way back to its
      rightful place. The knot seemed to relax a little more
      each time someone patiently explained the fallacy of
      the �short� postings. Sure the repetitive nature of
      their postings gets a little tedious at times, but I�m
      gaining a better understanding of the issues and having a
      good time responding to them in my very own off-beat
      manner. Hey, cut me some slack, I need to do something to
      pass the time because I reallocated most of this
      summer�s entertainment budget to the purchase of even more
      CDN stock.

    • I think these guys and others have been shorting
      stock since May 20's that is why they keep
      irrational postings days after days. Just look at
      short interest from May thru July 21, it is

      increased from 4.5 mils to 9.5 mils shares.

    • You seem to be comparing CDN with blue chip
      stocks. That type of comparison is rather weak. Some
      people prefer blue chips, and some prefer high-tech. If
      you are looking for safe money, then probably Coke
      and Gillette and GE are the best place to put your
      money. However, no one can guarantee that their business
      will last forever or that their earnings growth can
      continue at the same rate. Only time will tell. Like I
      mentioned in my previous message, no one can predict what
      consumers want or need. As technology changes, so does
      demand for new technology and products. Every company
      has to seek new ways to expand and generate new
      revenue to keep its business healthy. I cannot guarantee
      that CDN will last forever neither. But as of now,
      they have shown consistent earnings growth and have
      done the right things to expand, and I don't see
      evidence of their business or the EDA industry slowing. If
      you can prove me wrong otherwise, your comments will
      be welcomed with open arms. I can understand CA
      tumbling over 30 points for the past few days, given their
      valuation was high before they announced their earnings and
      especially after they reported slow earnings growth ahead.
      What similarities do you see that we don't between CA
      and CDN??? CDN reported record revenue, beating
      street estimate by a penny, and reported strong earnings
      ahead with no slowdown. This has been mentioned in not
      one but TWO articles. Please give us tangible proof
      on what is going wrong with CDN or the EDA industry
      as a whole, but don't tell us what you believe is
      the problem because so far CDN earnings report proved
      you wrong. Also, don't give us lecture on the
      slowdown of the chip industry neither because that is
      getting old.

    • So Adam, would you have been questioning coke
      back when the price was relatively flat for an
      extended period of time or dipped for a short period of
      time? Also, do you know if the price dropped much when
      they introduced "new coke"? There must have been some
      interesting exchanges back when the "new coke" debacle took
      place. Talk about a "crazy" investment.

      P.S., I
      wouldn't even consider mortgaging the house to buy stock
      in a public company, but I wish had an idea for a
      new business which was worthy of mortgaging the

    • It was F.D.R. who said "the only thing to fear is fear itself"

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