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  • makemoney_911 makemoney_911 Jun 7, 1999 3:40 PM Flag

    cdn 15+ tomorrow.

    uppppppppppppppppppp allllllllllll theeeeeeeeeeeee wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy uppppppppppppppppp

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    • I would not be able to bring about a meeting on
      the premise that Ray and the rest of the gang resign.
      As we've discussed before, they are in for another
      year, barring failure to introduce PKS etc by the end
      of this year. However, the opportunity to discuss a
      serious, well thought out plan with concerned investors is
      a very credible basis for a meeting. Including a
      major fund investor within our group would only add to
      the interest we can generate. But first... we need
      the plan.

    • I've been doing some research into the recent
      'exec' hires in Europe and Japan you mentioned. As you
      correctly stated the new sales vp's come from Avant! and
      Cadence. My sources tell me that indeed the european vp is
      a bit of a loss to Avant! but this is far from the
      case as far as the ex-Cadence exec in Japan is

      My understanding is that in Japan product sales is
      run by Innotech corporation, a very aggressive
      technology sales rep company. The Cadence exec was a
      figure-head who was in the process of being put out to grass.
      In Japan you don't fire ineffective exec's, you
      promote them to the corner office.

      In summary a
      net loss to Avant!, a net gain to Cadence and a wash
      for Magma. Mind you, Japan is a more important
      market, so on balance a net loss for Magma.

    • I think one of the largest holders through Cadence's fall from grace has been Wisconsin Public Retirement Fund, similar to CALPHERS. Not sure how to access.

    • Everybody here seems to be preoccupied with some
      other stock. Anyway, cadence is in the process of
      hiring 400 people on top of it's existing workforce and
      lots of new workstations were recently bought.


      Well, it looks like there is a lot of
      work coming in....

    • Whoops I was wrong. Its now $14. What was I

      Shouldn't you be on the MENT board
      talking about this stuff?

      I think we have a good
      chance to double our money on CDN in the next 6-9

    • Crux,

      You are correct in several

      1) It's a very competitive business - but what
      business isn't?
      2) Cadence screwed themselves
      financialy - they'd better get
      their house in order for
      "the street" to come back.

      But most of the rest
      of your postings are general hysteria - "quick, do
      something, anything!!" If you have some constructive
      suggestions (besides killing all management), please share
      them. If you personally can't think of some strategy or
      tactic for the mgmt. team to try, then stop just
      shouting that the sky is falling. Unless you are part of
      the mgmt. team, you probably aren't aware of things
      that *are* being done and that you just haven't heard
      about - yet. I know that there are efforts underway
      inside the company to try to turn the situation around.
      Management and most of engineering have stock options that
      they're not too happy with the price of - I'm sure
      they're not unaware of that and trying to correct it. So
      please, wait to post until you have constructive ideas
      rather than panicked rantings to "DO SOMETHING".

    • have the means to make happen such a meeting? You
      mean, you can bring Ray to talks? No kidding?
      And, do you mean to tell this board that, if "we" come
      up with a decent plan (remember, any honest plan is
      better than no plan), but which among other things calls
      for the resignation of Ray, Shane and the rest of the
      gang (w/o "parachute", possibly), the good ol' Ray
      will say something like: "Geez, guys'n gals, I'm
      amazed it didn't struck me, but now it seems like
      obvious... so go ahead, I step aside, you have my
      blessing"?!!! :-) :-)
      But I have a better idea, N0Limits,
      one that CAN be applied to practice: let's dig up the
      details of that corporate investor in the Mid-West, who
      invested their members' retirement funds... they surely
      aren't very pleased with the situation, and we might be
      able to "wake up" someone in charge there... if we
      manage to do that, Ray et co are history, and the Street
      will again give good marks to CDN. Eh? Any idea who
      that investor is?

    • It seems to me that everyone on this
      remembers what you said about MENT on

      >MENT? No thanks
      >Just based on what I know about
      the product lines,
      >I'd stay away from MENT -
      its a classic $13 stock

      sure that you've noticed the price change of
      since you posted the above statement, in less than
      weeks. As I'm writing this message, MENT is trying
      with a good volume, while CDN is still in

      Who should you listen to on this board? EDAvet or

      Also remember that we're here for investment, not
      technology and products.

    • New Gambler - gung ho you are but I cannot see
      anything of substance in your reply that could form the
      basis for a successful approach to Ray and the current
      BOD. An articulated strategy starts with a checklist
      of the top 10 objectives, a credible analysis of the
      resources needed (human, financial, technical... etc.), and
      clear milestones for measuring results. If we want to
      talk about that, then perhaps we could develop
      something of value that would elicit a meeting of the type
      I suggest.

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