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  • TelI911 TelI911 Jul 20, 1999 4:41 PM Flag

    Where the hell was the guidance?

    How come the consensus was .20/share?

    to think I had this loaded to sell at 15.125 and
    16.60. Boy am I pissed and I talked to IR today.

    Pitty the jerk at Cowen with the reiterate buy? Not!!
    Who was he talking to, the janitor?


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    • board ain't going to happen Sina when 80-90% of
      the stock
      is owned by institutions. It would be
      great if we could exert
      that kind of pressure but
      when we are such a distinct minority
      the BOD
      wouldn't give us the time of day. Furthermore this
      is an inherent part of the problem since they have
      very little over the last 2 years to correct the
      problems for
      which the stock is suffering. That's why I
      mentioned the only
      thing which will get their attention
      is class action shareholder

    • Have been uncanily accurate on more than just THIS stock.

      Also VERY accurate on LSI. These guys are one of the -few- brokerage house's who's opinion I'd trust.

      -David W.

    • Any CDN investor with access to Schwab's premium
      content should check out the "AM call" by Credit Suisse
      First Boston dated 7:35am Tues, i.e. the morning BEFORE
      the earnings came out.

      It just showed up at
      Schwab, with a 3-day delay (I guess the delay is part of
      Schwab's deal with CSFB?)

      It gives an amazingly
      accurate preview of the quarterly results and the
      management story. In fact, I wonder, way too damn accurate?
      If I had seen this alert on Tuesday when it was
      issued, I would have sold immediately and made a lot of

      I have to think that some analysts got tipped off.
      This preview was just too accurate to be a guess.

    • this company going out business?�...don't think so...

    • Its not just about development - its more about
      getting customers to switch. New tools have to be a lot
      better before a customer will switch, and there really
      aren't that many new innovations
      from the startups
      being fielded, only marketeering thus far.

      huge challenge for the startups is hiring and building
      a salesforce. Its really hard to find good sales
      people right now in EDA. And once you find them, they
      won't stick around if the product isn't altogether.
      Look what happened to Magma - they are all but dead

      Plus with the new accounting rule changes on
      aquisition write-offs, there is a lesser chance of a startup
      being acquired, meaning the incentive to start a
      company has lessened.

      All this bodes well for the
      bigger players. So if the Magmas and Montereys of the
      world don't have a SIGNIFICANTLY better product or are
      just competitive with the status quo, their future
      will not be bright. CDN, AVNT and SNPS will continue
      to reign since they have all the pieces. MENT is
      questionable for many reasons.

    • Yes, totally agree with you

      With the
      advancement/improvement of Software Engineering
      lately, it's now so
      easy for people to build CAD tools,
      that why so
      many new names have popped out lately such
      as such
      as Magma, Monteray, Silison Perspective,
      Matrix, etc...

      I think it's going to be a touch
      time for EDA industry
      to make good earning because
      of competition; tt may be
      even worse than
      microprocessor industry.

    • Wake up CDN management. Address SE, PDP usability
      now. Then
      broadcast the news to industry. Make
      better use of Ambit. Hit
      Synopsys and Avanti all at
      the same time. Speed up your fixes.
      Hurry up.
      Don't keep sleeping on your technical problems,

      marketing problems. You need some fu?king momentum.

    • CDN is a very attractive stock (long term). If
      all you doomsayers predictions are right and it drops
      to 7 or so, I know I'll buy and buy a lot. In my
      opinion Jack killed CDN by inflating the earnings/growth
      so he would win big, with no thought to long term
      effects. I don't have much faith in the current CDN "big
      boys" but I'll judge them by the result. The loss now
      is to bring the company back on course... a
      necessary correction to the "corrupt" previous practices.
      All of you would do well to mark my words and sit
      tight or buy.

    • CDN holding okay today. Check ^this site^ for what might be good the next few days. That changes daily so check back daily.

    • Yep, it looks like this stock is in for an extended down turn. I wouldn't be surprised if it went down to $7 within the next few weeks.

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