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  • rasta_maan rasta_maan Oct 25, 1999 1:20 PM Flag


    Can someone please break down the law suit for
    Needless to say, I have a poor understanding on how the
    judicial system works. So please explain in plain
    Thanks a billion in advance.

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    • Momo,
      I appreciate your informative
      references, including the press releases. But please stop the

      I don't totally understand technical analysis. But
      I can appreciate that it contributes to some
      people's investment strategy. So when I see a message on
      TA, I am not offended by it, I simply move on.

      Similarly, some people do not understand the technical
      aspects of CDN's industry. But it does contribute to some
      people's investment strategy. So when you see such a
      message, please take the same approach.

      All people
      who believe they have something to contribute should
      feel comfortable adding to the board. Information is
      power, and to attempt to eliminate part of that
      information is not in the best interest of all

      As I am long CDN, I appreciate your enthusiasm for
      the stock. But we have gotten to the point where 3/4
      of the messages are flames. And by the way, I can't
      speak for others, but I personally find that your
      insulting messages reduce your credibility. I say this
      constructively, as I assume that your purpose of posting is to
      somewhat influence people's opinions.

    • you are just that- a momo. You can flame on me
      all you want... but this is not YOUR board, we are
      all welcome here, you included, and your other ID's
      as well, 'jackman, 'goldman, 'smoocchman,

      So keep pattin' yourself on the back, but raise your
      level of conversation and maybe the rest of us will
      listen to your self congratulations with a little more
      interest and respect.

      You are such a bore. Now
      don't disappoint me... FLAME ON!

    • seems to be a tad low.

    • ..these days. I don't know if you guys have
      noticed, but it is clear to me that people just aren't
      into a CDN selling mood lately. Few days ago, nobody
      wanted to go for bids at 14 7/8.. This morning, they
      snoozed again, this time at 16 3/8..

      Very good

      Good luck, shorts and longs!


    • The tech know it alls have stopped bashing CDN.
      Heck when the stock moves like this how could you? So
      they have taken to bashing you! You're right. Who does
      have the problem.
      Hope we hit $17.00 today. If so,
      doesn't $20.00 look like a walk in the park?

    • We're on a speeding train! Technical point of view extremely positive near term. Big time.(Green line way above the red...BULLISH!)
      Check it out.

    • You're way too involved. My sympathies.
      Nice screen name. Class.

      GO CDN!

    • You know I am beginning to enjoy this - its just
      like the science fair project when I was 12 years old.
      Lets analyze the poor tortured psyche of a internet
      chat room bully. Its not too technical, but what the
      hell, lets take a stab at it.

      You are so
      insecure and messed up you do not know what is going on.
      Must be that you were badly mistreated as a child,
      called a loser and someone who wouldn't amount to
      anything. You have definitely been emotionally abused. You
      have taken up being jealous at people that were smart
      and could outgun you in a battle of wits to the point
      that it has become natural to you. You hate people
      that can show you up now. Another possibility is that
      the guy who said you are on crack was right. Drugs
      and booze have clouded some of your brain functions.

      But is this any way to live your life? Name calling
      across some financial board to people that you do not
      even know because they ask you to be respectful and
      they know a few facts that you do not? I can't believe
      that you are a 70 year old man because that would
      really be extremley sad.

      What ever it is, clean
      up your act and face the facts. Cadence doesn't want
      your garbage being posted here. Go away.

    • Thanks!
      I just think there should be more of
      a discussion about CDN as a way for the individual
      investor to make money. More talk about it as a common
      stock, an investment vehicle and not all that mumbo
      jumbo tech jargon that doesn't have an effect on the
      immediate movement of the stock price. I hope you get what
      I mean. Seriously, I read a lot of boards and post
      on some too, when I finally got here I had never
      seen such clubby techno nerd babbling go on anywhere
      else. When you tell people about this stock, you tell
      them they should buy it because you think it'll go up
      etc. etc. They ask you what they do. You reply in as
      general a way as you can. Some here would sit you down
      and give you a lecture from A to Z about the inner
      workings of the mechanics of the complete line of CDN
      products. I hope we could get more stock talk.

      again, thanks.
      I hope to get back to stock talk and
      forget this message posting tug of war.

    • You're really enjoying this aren't you? Pissed
      off that someone wants to talk about the price of the
      stock and not your science projects.
      You changed
      your view, because I pointed out to you how ridiculous
      your previous statement was. Now you qualify your
      statement and say "...value dependent on products, market
      demand, strategic moves, acquisitions and competitors." A
      far cry from your original statement. Until I
      straightened your sorry ass out. If you'd talk about half of
      that along with the press releases, analysts
      recommendations, price movement and volume, then you'd get a great
      exchange here, and more people contributing.
      One thing
      we agree on though. And you said it yourself. At
      least we're making progress. You said, "...the techy
      nerdy types like myself" good boy, you're learning
      Do you still use the same pocket pencil
      protector you did in high school? Or did you get a new
      And that tape on your eyeglasses should be changed
      more often, don't you think?

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