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  • randywise_2000 randywise_2000 Nov 11, 1999 4:32 PM Flag

    Head to Head: SNPS/CDN

    Synopsys unifies synthesis and placement
    Richard Goering
    EE Times
    (11/11/99, 12:22 p.m. EDT)

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. � Promising a dramatic shift in the
    way high-performance chips are designed, Synopsys
    Inc. on Wednesday (Nov. 10) rolled out Physical
    Compiler, a single product that tightly couples synthesis
    with placement. Based on long-awaited technology
    code-named PhysOpt, the new product has already received
    rave reviews from customers who are claiming huge time
    savings and performance gains.

    Competitors are
    pointing out that Physical Compiler lacks detailed routing
    and other important physical design features.
    Synopsys' product enters a market already crowded with
    differing approaches to linking logical and physical

    Behind any competitive posturing,
    however, is a clear shift to a new generation of design
    tools that can provide substantial productivity gains.
    And the inexorable trend towards tying synthesis and
    layout into a single process is accelerating,
    exemplified by the full, legal placement provided by Physical

    "What we are announcing is one of the
    crowning jewels of our work," said Aart de Geus, chairman
    and chief executive officer of Synopsys. "It brings
    together fundamental synthesis technology with fundamental
    placement technology, all in one solution."

    product has already led to successful tape-outs, de Geus
    said, and has in fact generated significant revenue for
    Synopsys in the past two quarters. At press conferences
    held at several locations this week, designers from
    Nvidia, Matrox, NEC and STMicroelectronics spoke of
    slashing weeks off design cycles while, in some cases,
    reducing negative slack by an order of magnitude or more.

    For high-performance blocks, Physical Compiler
    underlies a new methodology in which register-transfer
    level (RTL) designers can go all the way to a final
    placement. And that, in turn, promises to change today's EDA

    "Our belief is that this can really
    change the whole layout market," said de Geus. "We are
    looking at a significant piece of that market now being
    connected to front-end design, and of course we won't sit
    still until we fill in whatever blanks are left."

    Synopsys' recent thrust into physical design puts
    considerable pressure on Cadence Design Systems Inc. and
    Avanti Corp., although both are responding with
    solutions of their own. Cadence's Envisia PKS product links
    synthesis and placement into a single product, and Avanti's
    Jupiter product closely ties synthesis to Avanti layout

    What no other competitor has, however, is
    Synopsys' overwhelming market leadership in synthesis. With
    recent financial results that make it the EDA industry's
    revenue leader, Synopsys is riding a wave of considerable

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    • <EOM>

    • You're a spoiled, bitter, angry little kid. You better spend less time in front of your computer, and more time outside. Grow up.

    • Morongia started the name calling and the bad
      mouthing. I won't stop until he cleans up his act totally
      or uses another ID without the trash talk. So far,
      he still can't resist the trash talk. Don't you
      think he should grow up.
      He isn't liked anywhere-
      can't we get him to leave here? At least his ID and
      gutter mouth?

      Where is his great original
      technical analysis. I've shown his posts are junk. CDN has
      gone nowhere since he arrived. He hasn't responded to
      my easy financial questions with any meaningful

      If he knew anything technical, he would know that PC
      is a SNPS product and not a CDN product and that his
      post was totally inaccurate. He has shown, by example,
      why you should have some technical knowledge of the
      stock that you are trading. Yet he still insists that
      his way is the only way...

      To you pc_cobra:
      just ignore my credibility

      Morongia's credibility = -99 (no technical knowledge) still

    • Please stop baiting Momo. He has toned it down a
      bit recently and I think that this board is better
      off because of it.
      By all means have your say, but
      you are getting as bad as Momo used to be with your
      continuous credibility and character ratings.
      appreciate your posts, but not the personal attacks.

    • I saw the same thing, *NOT. In fact, if you look
      on the same page for the SNPS recommendations, you
      see GS recommended "buy" with the exact same summary.
      On the same day.

      Momo, you seem to know where
      all of this stuff is on the web, can you confirm that
      GS actually issued this. I looked on the GS website
      and couldn't find anything. If not I'll assume it is
      some webmaster's typo and not a real analyst


    • <11/11/99 - Goldman Sachs - reiterates market
      perform, launched yesterday its flagship physical
      synthesis product, Physical Compiler>

      isn't "hold" a polite way of saying "underperform/sell"
      because brokers don't like to anger their

      Second, why would they recommend "hold" based on a
      flagship synthesis product release from SNPS. What is the
      analyst thinking/reporting? Has he confused his vendors
      and/or their products? Where is the tie in? Why would I
      even think this evaluation was worth

      Third, you haven't explained why the 8 other Guru's on
      Reesegroup's report had "No Interest" in

      morongia's credability = -66 falling

      morongia's character = .5 (couldn't resist the gutter talk
      could you?)

    • No, I enjoy your postings, too. It seems to me that people can discuss both a company's stock and its products. I also enjoy good TA posts...

    • Of course you are correct to berate me for trying
      to predict the very next days' price movement. Of
      course. But maybe you missed the point of those attempts.
      All that I tried to do was stimulate or bait some
      investment talk here with others who may read the mechanic
      tech talk, and feel hesitant to jump in with some
      invest talk.
      All this daily babble about mechanics
      has been justified by some, that ultimately that's
      what drives the price of the stock. So learn it? Read
      it? No one here disputes Cadence's products, that
      they are viable, competetive and a leader in their
      industry. We know that. Taking apart and putting back the
      engine as part of a daily chat is tiresome and not in
      the direction of investment info(rememeber now, I
      said that we know CDN has highly technical and
      industry leading products, we already know that).
      this theory on for size:
      The more analysts that
      cover a stock, the more clients will follow their
      recommendations. The more clients in any single stock, the more
      money fueling that issue's advance.
      In my opinion,
      if you get the gist of that, all the previous tekkie
      posting has never addressed that theory. That's too bad.

      By the way, it's Yahoo Finance, not Yahoo Techtalk.
      Maybe you and the boys should see if Yahoo can give you
      all another site where these sorts of discussions go
      on everyday and then you may even broaden your
      poster base there.
      Well anyway, I hope that maybe
      you can understand my frustration, other boards enjoy
      talking about who's buying the stock, what company may be
      interested in buying the company, what analyst likes it,
      etc. etc.
      But not here I guess, ahh shucks!

    • > Had I been right, would you have ran to your
      computer and sang praise of momo?

      Actually, Momo,
      I would have been impressed. In fact I am generally
      impressed with your ability to read the internals of
      markets. Unfortunately, this skill is hidden by your
      fascination with feminine hygene products and your insistence
      that anything you don't understand isn't worth

      Further, I'll give you this. I think that had people not
      gotten quite uncertain due to the Fed meeting tomorrow,
      that CDN probably would have gone up substantially.
      But that's my point: picking stock movements on a
      day-to-day basis is very tough, since stocks are moved by
      exogenous factors which I, at least, don't understand. If
      you do, more power to you: you'll make short-term

      However, I'll give you a lead-pipe cinch. IF Cadence
      executes on its current technology direction (integrates
      QPlace with PKS well, then ships Nano), then Cadence
      profits will be at record highs within a year. Unless
      rationality has entirely left the stock market, the price
      will be in the forties. I can't call the price to the
      dollar, but it will be way above where it is now. And,
      yes, I can see that a lot more clearly than I can see
      whether Cadence will be up or down tomorrow -- largely
      because at any given time market prices always fluctuate
      about a mean, and while it's reasonably easy to see
      what the mean ought be at any point in time, it's very
      hard to call the fluctuations.

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