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  • urnmbecile urnmbecile Feb 28, 2006 12:02 PM Flag

    Fearless forecast

    JOYG will beat the street by at least 5 cents and order backlog will have increased exponentially. You can take that to the bank!

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    • thanks for the shares. I have no problems buying a market leader. they are the toughest stocks to short.

    • some stubborn guys still really wanted to loose his shirt.... truth needs to be told, joyg is one of the fastes growing company on the exchange right now. of course, you're entitled to your opinion by being contrarian and jumping in front of runaway freight train is not a problem for me either. when you got run over, don't tell me I didn't warned you.

    • gravitys a bitch on those sore loser stocks but not on heavy winner such as joyg.

      .....brcm? are you out of your mind? they're trading 30X its fwd earning while joyg is only at 20X. brcm rarely blow away earnings at the magnitude, the instensity that joyg delivered. btw, brcm just lost their case against qcom. now watch qcom manhandles them in EU court.

    • Yes REASONABLE, I needed to pull a number out of my ass and $35 was the number.

      Stocks that double in 4 months, wah!!! Missed that train. Many stocks keep on doubling, Joy Global will be one of them. Why, continuing sales quarter after quarter..

      Brakes? What Brakes? These brakes?
      lol moron
      Freight Train? I like freight trains, they carry cargo, goods to market, COAL.

      Then he goes on to talk about the number 3.. Drunken moron.. 3 shots of vodka, 3 shots of tequilla, 1 shot of a gun to his head as he watches the stock go higher and higher.

      Higher highs bonehead, much like the higher highs you experience after your third bong hit. I dont know why it takes you 3 hits on a bong to get high, perhaps it is because you also believe that the 3 strikes you're out law is so unfair. But you will see your Daddy again.. Remember gun goes into your mouth and point up.

    • Sounds good doesnt it? What, they are going to stop mining coal at increased oil prices? Duh.

      Everyone of his theories fall short of the mark.

    • 35?..... then I supposed you really wanted to loose your shirt? If I were you I would never try to jump in front of a freight train.

    • Yes, they are going to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs!!!

      Wow, you keep on posting stupidier and more moronic posts.

      Please, continue to enlighten us with all of your profound and powerful insights.

      So far you believe Dow 10000, a hypothetical 4 year cycle and this stock as a pos.. How about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and your mother has never slept with the entire crew of a Navy carrier..

      I can't wait till this stock is sitting at 65 and you are gone.

    • >That info along with the way I read the market & find particular stocks either to buy or short in concert with market trends is classified.

      Classified to the number of cheetos it takes to turn his shxt orange on a particular day.. What a dreamer. He reads them like tea leaves.

      Market has a lousy day and people want to start giving this moron credibility.

    • if you don't mind I am asking, at what price did you shorted?

    • I know you're getting too excited cuz of joyg have always been consistently blowing away earning estimate and keep raising guidance..... sure you could wait for 35, maybe next month? when we're at 70 and joyg announces 2-1 split? don't forget, this stock splitted several times last year at this price level..... so according to you, 35 is doable but only after 2-1 split. keep on waiting and I hoped you'd mortaged your house so you could short all you like

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