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  • thefattlady thefattlady Sep 3, 2008 6:26 PM Flag

    Cramer just interviewed CEO, Jim says STAY AWAY...

    Cramer says don't touch JOYG until AFTER oil has hit a clear bottom....

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    • free_ride Sep 9, 2008 6:36 PM Flag

      I missed (at least) one thing that you said, that I need to clear up.

      I don't want Cramer off the air.

      I think it would better for investors if he were taken off, but since I watch him for the pure comedy act that he is, he doesn't affect me financially.

      I watch him as much as I can which is why I know what he's pushing, flogging, spinning and LYING about everyday.

      The unfortunate thing for some is the hatchet job he is doing to those that actually believe he knows anything about making his "Cramerican's" money.

      As for your 'reign of terror' ending at 2PM yesterday (or the other day).lol...I guess it started back up at 9:30 the next morning. Amazing stuff.

      The funny part is you believe that crap. The 'reign of terror' started when Jimmy "Hatchet-job" Cramer told people to buy buy buy at DOW 14,000+, as the Bull Market was ending..... LMAO. Any clown can make money when stocks are only going up, and that's Jim Cramer to a "T".

      I remember him saying "the smart money" was wrong, and HE was right, the DOW was headed much much higher. No Jimmy, the smart money was, well, was the smart money, again, you moron.

      You lead your troops to slaughter,...again.

      To be fair, AFTER a 2000 point decline, he called the bear (first of several, with as many bulls inbetween) Yah, thanks for the news-flash Jimmy. Too little, too late, dork.

      But by then he was buying banks because they hadn't been hammered as much. After he jacked his Cramerican's into them in February, he destroyed the next batch of followers, again.

      The guy can't help himself. He's nothing but a mindless market follower without his strong-arm hedge fund money to throw around. If he was still doing it the old way, he'd be in jail right now.

      The proof that he is a total hack is his own personal lack of performance in his Charitable Trust. If The didn't need the subscription money so badly, he'd do away with his embarrassment altogether to hide it from everyone.

      So please Jimmy Cramer, keep the material coming. I love it. I don't want you off the air. Where would I get my material from? lol.

    • free_ride Sep 8, 2008 9:21 AM Flag

      Is your show going to be on before or after Jim's?

      You are at least as entertaining, and that is saying a lot.

      The point IS, even Jim can't figure out his own calls, so how in the world could anyone else?

      The point IS he is also a screaming liar about his calls after the fact.

      With that being said, since it seems to be "do your thing" in Cramerica, how can you say just what Jim's track record is then? Everyone seems to have a different gauge since half of you are making one move, while the other half are not. Who's to say what Jim's track record is then, judging by each Cramerican?


      Oh, yes, I know how. Follow the track record of JIM himself.........AKA his Charitable Trust. It makes sense that that would be a decent, fair and unbiased way to judge.

      And, what's that again??? Oh yes, it's called getting his ass handed to him.

      Even Jim's own "Score Card" on Mad Money shows how bad his record is, and that's free access fortunately for those Cramerican's with little money left to burn.

      Let's just take JOYG as one example. His average BUY BIY BUY price on this thing was somewhere around $80.00 He hasn't made a Sell Sell Sell recommendation yet, so I guess people are still in it, down LARGE, or have capitulated like on his other calls and just sold out.

      Don't like the JOYG call?

      OK, Let's pick DE. A screaming BUY, from 90 to 70.......what a knucklehead, he's killing everyone that is listening to him.

      RIMM?? lol, OK. I can go on if you want. What about his buy the banks call in February? AT THE TOP...OMG, he's worse than throwing a dart.

      You comment that his missed call on the Commodities Bubble was no biggie........well brother, than seemingly minor issue wiped out serious coin from his Cramerican friends.

      You sound like you are six years old, and have been trading since last week.

      Simply sir, you have no clue. You will learn that soon enough, and I wish it didn't have to be the hard way, but evidently as you feel that Jimmy is the cat's meow, you will indeed be enrolling in the school of hard knocks soon enough.

      Good luck. Don't say you weren't warned.

      Keep this post handy, Dandy.

    • Several others reaffirm an outperform and current price due investor


    • I'm so sick of Cramer. His show needs to be cancelled. It's pathetic, really.

      On May 29, 2008 he said to buy JOYG when it was sitting at $80.

      "Cramer says JOYG is undervalued and would pull the trigger; this company's got great numbers for years and years."

    • Cramer says sell, then I'm a buyer.

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