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  • allisonwvl allisonwvl May 15, 2012 11:44 AM Flag

    ...going for the JUNE $60 Calls !! $4.50

    trying to get filled here....

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    • please put me on ignore can't handle someone like me or for that matter anyone living I predict. I feel sorry for both you and Jim as if you are both "senior execs" as you indicate, you both have come a long way down in life to be posting on a YH MSG board...... I'll leave you by saying the obvious...GET A LIFE TEEMUP!

    • teemup May 23, 2012 6:06 PM Flag

      I'm going to lower my standard and address your idiotic posts and then do as Jim did and block you. I actually know Jim-worked with him when he was a senior exec at a wealth management firm. And knowing him, why would he offer any idea to a butt boy like you? You are crude, insolent, abusive and a complete d**k head. When someone mentioned Seeking Alpha, you immediately shot back that it was a pump and dump but the truth is that the posters who comment on the articles add as much value as the blogger. You didn't have the brains to ask why anyone would subscribe nor did you offer an alternative, probably because you don't have one. You are a complete loser who has no social skills and present yourself as a jerk. If you have any value to give. I have wasted ten minutes of my time that I will never get back on this post, but as a good friend of mine said...if you ever are in Chicago, I would love to meet you. Di** head.

    • Jim,

      Can think of a few other ways you can drown your sorrows.....

      what's ironic in your posts is that you have never provided any valuable posts yourself...NOT ONE!

      Please do as your wisdom is so craved by those on this board....

    • jim_mcfadden May 23, 2012 10:40 AM Flag

      Ya gotta love this guy. He's so damned clever. His wit is knife sharp, loaded with charm. Everyone of his posts brings insight and content. My guess is that no one responds to the idiot because they have him on "ignore" whici is exactly what I am going to do. Since I won't see his repartee to this post, I think I'll go drown my sorrows with a Jack and Coke...not.

    • not getting enough love at home teemup....that you feel the need to kiss up to other posters on this board?

    • teemup May 22, 2012 5:41 PM Flag

      Hey Jimbo-I see you're wearing the badge of honor of being insulted by this idiot. I particularly like that he feels like he needs to step in with a comment to Allison. The guy's a turd. I loved your coffee request to the idiot and his moronic response. My guess is that half the board would buy his plane ticket to meet you...I can'twait for his sophomoric response to our conversation...

    • Jim,

      If you read Allison's previous posts you would realize that she is a day trader, specifically looking for daily bottoms to make a quick buck. Cmon try to come across as a "smart guy" yet you don't do enough due diligence........

    • jim_mcfadden May 22, 2012 11:12 AM Flag

      Let's see-so it's worse to addd nothing than to give sh**ty advice based on nothing. Good thinking junior. Listen, if you want to wage a battle of wits, beter make sure you are armed.

      TEE-M-UP (Golf reference, get it?) was correct with an idea to give Allison some piece of mind. You probably scared her out of TRADE that could have returned close to 50%. I hope she didn't listen to you.

      ANd I understand you wouldn't want to have coffee-there is no way you could pop off faced to face as you do with the cover of a board. Bully's are all cowards at heart.

    • And I'll seel you all the calls you want thank you. JOY's story is over for now. China is slowing down much faster than they're saying and the US is about stalled. Coal is toast in this environment. Europe is recession. JOY to $40's.

    • teemup May 21, 2012 5:15 PM Flag

      Congratulations on a very nice trade, Allison. Keeping it, or sellling it?

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