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  • lorde_shatterly lorde_shatterly Apr 11, 2013 6:09 PM Flag

    Ok, here's the deal

    if that stupid anonymous lorde chatterly wannabee article is making you sell here then fine, if thats true you are a HERO. if not you are the sucker selling here.
    guidance already lowered to $5.75-$6.25 or w.e.Obama hates coal. trading @ like a 7x P/E.
    dont like it, go buy PG at 25x
    so what their div isnt 5%, in the current environment that means bad stock.
    My question here is what is china going to replace coal with in the near term???? a friggin fan farm? i dont friggin think so.
    Nat gas over $4 make the coal-gas switch way less favorable.

    Listen to Walter Energy on coal & Chicago Bridge after bell.
    todays move was a shakeout. International miners have been ROLLIN higher, rio tinto ,...,
    Grow some BALLZ and pull the trigger. everyone says they'll buy the dip but when the dip comes Lorde_chatterly makes me bend over and kiss his toes through my legs.


    Sentiment: Lorde_Chatterly is a moron

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