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  • ujil11 ujil11 Mar 14, 2008 1:17 PM Flag

    who's bagholding?

    Time to spam this thing all over Yahoo again! Quick!!


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    • Buy low, sell high. Wall Street doesn't know or care what you paid for a stock. When the Market falls, most stocks fall with it. Pigs get slaughtered.

      Most importantly, do your homework and don't listen to those who say a stock is going to X, without any sound reasoning. Those people are the most vocal on this board.

      Look at TEX, ASTE and GVA; all are also down. Good time for cherry-picking, if you know which cherries are ripe.

    • check out PARS as well. He's a big holder and loser in this pharma company.

      Maybe he'll use the losses, to offset the gains he's going to realize with GENC.

      Maybe he'll buy more GENC.

    • We'll see 14 before we see 20 again. I'm on the sidelines waiting to get back in. I know all of you who bought higher on momentum, not fundamentals, are hoping those who predict a $30 stock will happen. Good luck.

      I'm still waiting for someone with intelligence to provide an analysis on how the stock is worth $20 or more.

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      • This stock will be vulnerable again this week. Again, I believe the fundamentals are strong to support a higher price in the future, but the market is in a period of great uncertainty, and stocks with charts like GENC's are in pullback mode. Remember, in times like these people don't always sell because they want to. I think we can buy in the $14-$15 area and feel confident when the market presents that opportunity. For now, it's a wait and watch or short if you can move quickly in and out. Good luck to all.

      • The P/E ration is low (even taking out the tax credits)

        The operating and profit margins are good.

        The US infastructure is in serious need of repairs.

        Those are reasons why GENC is a good investment. I bought into the momentum @19, which broke my rules, but it was not unreasonable to think it was on its way to 30 given all of the above. Given the earnings, margins and sector I think it is pretty fair to project this stock will reach the mid 20's by third quarter.

        I sold my entire position at 20.25 but I am looking to get back in. Today appears to be a good day to buy - down 7% solely on bad market. I will wait and see what happens next week.

        As posted above at some point the index funds should get involved with this stock (Russ 2K anyway). I am not sure how much this will drive the price up, it may actually bring it down.

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