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  • juryman07 juryman07 Mar 15, 2006 12:37 PM Flag

    Dangerously Incompetent

    They have set the US onto the shoals of financial bankruptcy, cancerous moral decay, wide open security vulnerabilities, carbon fuel monomania, big-brother spying, Orwellian double-speak not to mention serial lies and making Intelligence a manipulated tool of a priori decision-making based on Absoute Certainty and even More Absolute Ignorance!

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    • are you playing the multiple ID game now?

      • 1 Reply to factual_dog
      • No. However, I'll bet your happy about the strange events of yesterday. We start out announcing that Iran is our most dangerous foe and affirming our right to use pre-emptive force - and then end up having them participate in our attempt to break the dead-lock over the Iraqi's inability to select a leader. Iran's current choice - Jafaari backed by Sadr - is unacceptable to us, whereas our choice - Abdul Aziz and his group within the Shia "party" - used to be Iran's choice - until he became our choice. And assuming Iran has any motivation to "help" us get a leader selected that we can live with (given that we want someone who is secular - as opposed to sectarian, whereas Iran is by definition Sectarian), we then go to the next step - which is trying to get the constitution changed in order to strengthen the central government to mollify the Sunni's and reduce the powers of the clerics. To do this takes a 2/3's vote - meaning that any 92 votes out of the 275 can block any change. And whereas today you have the Sunni's, Kurds and Secular parties unified to oppose Jadaari and Sadr, tomorrow you can bet that this will change once Iraq starts debating changes to the constitution. The Kurds, after all, have repeatedly stated that they will not agree to a strong central government until they're confident that it will rule even-handedly - which will take years, just as Jafaari and some of his Shia allies have repeatedly stated that they support a strong Shia state in the South.

        They have 60 days to break the deadlock over who will lead, as well as who gets what ministerial post to control patronage for their supporters, and four months after this to try to change the constitution. And, until this is done - the concept of a national unity party is just that - a concept.

        You, needless to say, voted for an empty suit that you thought was a little less empty than the other guy. And it may very well have been true. On the other hand, it didn't make your particular suit any less empty, as American's have learned.

        So, hang on to your justification of supporting your empty suit due to the fact that he is leading the fight against the great enemy - Islam - which he says he isn't doing. Because you're in for quite a ride.