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  • ilap2004 ilap2004 Feb 7, 2007 5:59 PM Flag

    So, What's In that Spending Bill?


    The bond measure, which was $15 billion I believe, was to close an enormous immediate deficit. He agreed to it as a deal with the Democrats. You think they would have agreed to cut $15 billion from the budget in one swoop? Then your insane.

    Hey genius, if you want him to cut spending why did you vote against his ballot initiative to cut spending? And why doesn't that count as a genuine effort to cut spending?

    <<Arnold had no intention of going through the books. >>

    Fine. He didn't sit down at a desk and personally sift through the books. You got me there.

    <<Sorry, Arnold lied. >>

    Sorry someone who votes to against Schwarzenerrer's spending limits while calling him a liar for not following through on spending cuts much has a screw loose.

    This topic is deleted.