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  • feld4now feld4now May 22, 2009 4:28 PM Flag

    "we can't lose", can we??

    I'm "long", but just one last time have to "whine" about the rather stupid timing(or lack of), of the R/S.(imo) Just two more full quarters of new production numbers would have put us at $3.00-$4.00 AND then R/S. I think we will do just fine post R/S,though it will be a lot harder to get to $30.00-$40.00, even with these increased earnings.
    Well anyway "GO CDE"!!

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    • gotg_ See you have moved out of Northgate and are pretty settled here. Your still an expert I also note. You posted last Dec over there: "NXG is going BK.". It was what $0.75 at the time? I see it is now over $2.00...can't get them all right?

    • ya man, next this here stock gonna blitz, gonna kick some arse, it gonna be disco time, yee haw.

      I try hard, but maybe very good on ebonics. I getting confused between ebonics and country hillibily talk. I no they not the same, and I really like the ebonics, but it very difficult for to master this.

    • stahlz-next thing you will have me hopping on plane for Boston-miss a great steak on a holiday weekend-lobsters steamers and fried clams at Woodmans on north shore-supposedly they invented fried clams its just a shack but a landmark--what your call for mon -tues i was expecting little action today bought right near bottom -just for a play-i'm all ready for next few weeks--good luck off for the tournament

    • English countryside fantastic in spring but i'll take New England lobster anyday-off to my 14 year olds basketball tournament they were in final four of England last year this year final eight lost on 30 ft hail mary bankshot just lost in finals in overtime Spanish international tournament-they play there rival the National England champs their only loses in regular season in 2 years--this is going to make my weekend win or lose--have a good weekend- all set for tues -weds--

    • What a pair you are but can't tell which of you is the ventriloquist and which the dummy -did you read the bashers handbook i posted today? do you get paid by responce like Spam?- funds arrived no need of margin but it's there--hope you covered over the weekend you never know but then again its probably not your money--have you guys ever reviewed your own messages -can't you mix it up a little its so obvious to anyone who checks but you depend on lazy--do they assign you one stock or do you rotate from like NXG and change your name--a couple more days for me then as they say "go away in May"-till Weds.

    • feld, that's what I have been saying, but dipstick Wheeler HAS to do the R/S and then immediately do a dilution just to keep the doors open, and/or buy some more non-producing property.

      We got into this hole because the egomaniac does not understand basic Econ 101.....spend and acquire assets within your budget.

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