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  • stahlz2000 stahlz2000 Jun 3, 2010 9:28 AM Flag

    "It's All About Cash Flow"

    It's all about cash flow was used today on Bloomberg in reference to BP and their ratings and ability to pay their dividend .
    Coeur has stressed their ability to have continued increases in cash flow in the months ahead .
    Logic would make one assume that based on cash flow and not some archain , stupid derivative "LAW" placed on miners to report this nonesense Coeur is ready to show some serious increase in , you got it "CASH FLOW".

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    • that is soooo true.

      As long term suffering CDE holder who only hold CDE shares for entertainment value only, I would have bought many silver CDE token like an alcoholic might buy many 12 step tokens to bury in dirt or throw in water with diving duck. If Wheeler would have had foresight to put "I not only believe in miracles, I depend on them" on token, I would have bought the entire token stock, pronto, delivering bigtime performance to CDE bottom line.

    • rocky
      Selling puts has been a strategy of mine to buy shares cheaper .
      My problem at the present time is how low they are going to take the general market and of course how low they will take the miners and naturally CDE .
      I am presently out of the market except on a pharmaceutical company and a stemcell company and I bought 2 triple short funds .
      Did very well today .
      Email me at and I will be happy to tell you , who I consider to be a responsible and decent human being .
      These two are very special from what I know and have a very good chance to go up despite the market .
      That being said I still am concerned that a liquity problem may be getting worse and people may be getting tight and very nervous , which could cause everything to go down .

    • Circ_Did you notice that the 2009 cash flow by Coeur blew away every other silver miner listed? Also, that the chart shows that lead widening for future estimates. Thanks for digging that page up to share.

    • there goes George with his anal fixation again and i find it repugnent the way he revels in investors losing money-this guy is possibly evil-this is not sour grapes i have waited patiently for a dow collapse and metals takedown-

    • Well I hope this is the lows... But they tried to get me banned from here for making sexual comments... So you have to be careful about hints of KY..

    • I also can't believe I threw more good dollars after bad...just didn't think they could lose money with under circumstance.

    • GO BACK TO SUPREME COURT RULING DATE...subsequent news items, as well as Wheeler speaking to the subject of Kenns will once again prove my post. lpet, I get tired of doing your research for you as it is a thankless task since you never issue a retraction...just character attacks! BTW, you have any vaseline left...with a day like today it is a useful aid for the culio.

    • George_ You say: "Kenns according to guidance should have been delivering gold this month" in the first of a long list of your "facts". Show me where the company has ever said Kensington would be operating in June. If they ever did even hint of that, it is worth reading the rest of your tirade.

    • And you PUMPERS think circ is a nutcase......that's pathetic.

    • I think George you are missing something, the ego is a terrible thing to hurt and many people got hurt. Ego makes it almost impossible to accept reality and you are in denial for a very long time. Some will never accept reality no matter what. Knowing is not the same thing since I knew but I got roped in again even after posting things I knew about like the hedging and dilution. I post so I can talk to people who might know more than me because we need reinforcements in our logic because we can all make mistakes.
      The older you get the harder it becomes to accept that you are wrong. I am here to figure out how to make money in an unforgiving world. I tend to disregard those who cant provide some value in that. Its not easy to stay out of the fray no matter how hard you try.

      Also some people can realize reality a lot faster than others, the more time and effort you put into something the harder it becomes to extricate yourself from the mess.

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