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  • x_ibmresearch_employee x_ibmresearch_employee Apr 7, 2011 3:55 PM Flag

    looking like a good entry, no?


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    • I focus on the ratios of xau to gold, cde/silver etc. I also look at the money flow and the trend strength using the ADX. I think overall if you are in for a long term investment, that cde is right up there with the best investements you could make at this time. I started buying this stock back in 2001-02 and accumulated a lot at 12-14 dollars ( adjusted for the reverse split)... I then accumulated more at an average of 37.6 and even bought a few shares at 67... then I held the bag for years but added alot more between 6.50 and 10.0. so on the net I am in at about 22, and finally above water. But, I think the run is only starting and I think if Wheeler really goes away and silver stays at current prices and maybe bounces around between 40-50, that this stock will go to over 200 dollars and maybe well over that. so I am a bull on cde, with the reservation that I do not trust wheeler and hope he doesnt make another deal before he leaves..

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      • Wheeler isn't going to do anything reckless .
        He did his building of the company that you now say you like .
        Having been a boss of several companies I do understand the guy at the top always takes the hit .
        Wheeler and the board took a very aggressive stance transforming the "Old Coeur"" into the "New Coeur"

        They certainly made mistakes but tell me who hasn't ?

        How about if he had pulled off the Silver Wheaton Deal ?

        How about it if Kensington wasn't held up ?

        How about it if the financing was in place prior to the world financial melt down ?

        Hasn't done too bad in the last 2 plus years and is now set to fly .

        Debt free this year with tremendous cash flow .

        I am pushing for a 2 for 1 stock split .
        There is solid historical evidence "Good" Company's share prices can come right back to the same price after a split in about a year .

        Using 1,000 shares as a gauge:

        Double my shares at $40.00 and bring it back to $40.00 next year and this excellent investment will be bought by every fund and institution .

        Do it again next year too .
        Simple Math 1,000 becomes 2,000 becomes 4,000.
        4,000 times $40.00 = $160,000 within 3 years .
        It can go on for years !

      • Appreciate the opinion.

    • That's what she said!

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