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  • stahlz2000 stahlz2000 Nov 11, 2012 9:36 AM Flag

    Well I'll Be Damned

    I'm glad to be back and now have both land line phones working as well as my wife's cell phone .
    The magic of electricity has been proven again .
    My net access came on about an hour ago .
    You should have figured I was dead or right in the center of this Sandy disaster area .
    Kind of true as we have fared better than most and have had very little actual damage to my house .
    As little as just across the street they lost all of their utilities but natural gas even water .
    I set up 2 hose lines so they could get at least water to flush or wash their bodies with a sponge bath .
    One line came from the green house and the other line from a white hose that can be used without the horrible tastes .
    They were buying bottle water until the supply ran out at any store that did open without lights .
    Everything reverted to cash only .
    No one could run any credit card .
    Despite both my wife and I having some cash we were running out until one of our banks opened up .
    I was very lucky to have a friend with 2 generators and he gave me the smaller one that gave us at least some power .
    11 days feeding the generator all night with gasoline .
    My wife is on oxygen and has a concentrator that turns normal air into pure oxygen but has to run 24 hours a day .
    Lucky again to have an older hot water tank that ran perfectly with a thermocoupler .
    Newer models have electronic starters with out pilot lights and did not work .
    The same buddy came over and gerry rigged my baseboard hot water heating system to give us heat in the house ..
    The temperature dropped int to the 20's 3 nights
    Not enough wattage to do everything but we did alternate what we had plugged in .
    The house looked like a thousand legged spider with all of the extension chords
    Very tiring for this aged old buck trying to keep freezers , oxygen , heat and a minimum of lights on .
    My buddy got his electric on about 5 days faster than I did so he brought over his bigger generator .
    With a bunch of new extension chords we were comfortable but I still hated to feed the gallons of gas into the generator at a cost of around 50 bucks a day .
    It was a long lined affair just getting the gas from the few stations that had power to pump it .

    Enough about me .
    I'll post about this huge horrific disaster area in my next missile .

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    • I appreciate your messages on this board , your phone calls and emails that were sent and am just now getting .
      Had 108 messages on my phone .
      The net and phones come on and go off .
      Just got my phone service back again .
      Comcast has a Triple Play : TV . Net and land lines
      Intermittently having trouble just getting to 1st base .
      Comcast thinks something is loose ?
      Sure it is my connections in my undisturbed basement where I have 2 modems high and dry and which never had the experience of ever having even a drop of moisture or wind from this gas bag .
      My problem ?
      I just don't think so .
      They will be here tomorrow on an emergency basis as my wife can not live long without her Oxygen Need phone for a possible emergency .
      Don't get me wrong I am amazed how much has been accomplished seeing the broken telephone poles , trees down , areas still flooded damage to houses , etc.

    • He's ALIVE... (not me,,, you!) I was wondering how you fared through the storm. Now go out and support the economy and buy a generator. I talked a friend into buying a wood stove insert for his fire place last year 'after' we had the October surprise. (15 inches of wet snow on trees full of leaves)
      The Oct. surprise took down every branch in our town, thus all power lines.
      Unlike your storm there was no wind, just steady snow and you could go outside and listen to one branch after another snapping for hours. Power out in our part of town for 7 days.
      The following morning everyone with a chain saw hit the streets en masse and the roads began to clear.
      Things you missed:
      The election went well, if you see that fatso Christie around tell him stormy said to go bleep himself.
      I guess it was doomed from the start when all of US media is controlled thru Metro and the beltway.

      Billy Bob Clinton spent the last days of the election storming every battle ground state and helped lock things up for pres. so there will be one heck of a price to pay to the Clinton family.

      Benghazi was nothing more than a protest gone bad. Nothing to see here folks, please move along.

      The CIA director stepped down, I liked it so much better when the CIA I knew what is was doing. These guys overthrow governments for a living and,,, a split tail takes down the director???
      Oh yah, I believe that one....

      The price of PMs should be strong this year but I smell international mining Regs coming down the pike.

      Now you are up to speed on globull events.
      Good to see you made it and don't forget to give my regards to fatso.
      storm out,

    • Good on you, Stahlz...

      Never had a doubt that you'd pull through...

      Sometime soon, you should mosey on south to a warm, sunny beach, and take
      it easy and let your wife recover from the experience.

      Or so it seems to


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