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  • geomessenger_2000 geomessenger_2000 Nov 12, 2012 8:18 AM Flag

    Oh, Cisco...

    Oh, Pancho...and Edmund...

    The Queen has been captured...

    Tomorrow, well see San Gold...hopefully WITH gold, rather than without...

    I'd expected Queenston would be captured by Agnico Eagle, which seemed
    as if that would be a nearly perfect fit. I wonder what Agnico Eagle will do
    with its Queenston stake?

    Good morning to you, Stahlz...

    Best to all,


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    • cisco kid also staked huge land package mexico and isn't saying where-osisko production up but they are acting strange didn't see this kind of fit with their other big canadian project -maybe they want a very manageable small low cash cost producer to build-can you look into this huge mexican land package it's in their news from weeks ago--i have had my finger on osisko several times-haven't done well with my earnings rolls -but may join you for fun -

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      • I am not going to ever be in "the kid". It's production, earnings and emphasis are heavily dependent upon low grade ore, engineering excellence, and social economic cycle dynamics. I do not have compatibility with that mindset. Frankly, BIG is generally offensive.

        "Huge land package" in Mexico is almost an oxymoron. The rights to exploit minerals are controlled by the government. Those are ephemeral. Evaluating a deposit and taking it into production can be a profitable situation, IF the payback time is perceived to be short relative to the social economic cycle in which the decision and implementation are embedded.

        Those who pursue image may succeed, IF they do NOT fall into believing in the IMAGE that they have created. I wonder about "the kid".

        Those who are adept at riding the cycles with the image purveyors can do well. Those who use charting technologies capably can play in that field of dreams.

        If you can, good luck...


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