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  • birdsociety Nov 16, 2012 4:53 PM Flag

    I think I've figured it out

    Yahoo is using the "we are in the process of testing our new message boards" to read our messages and extract info to sell to advertisers. A few weeks ago when I mentioned Idaho almost immediately there were stories about Idaho appearing all over my computer pages.

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    • Exactly roight. I was thinking of winning a vacation to the philippines, and thinking of spending nearly MILLIONS of pesos on stuff imported from real countries. But then the vacation to ALASKA was a clear second choice IF I can find a good travel agency with gold panning adventure packages run by sane individuals who don't drink and carry high powered hand guns at the same time. But then getting free penny stock picks from good technical analysts not in Vancouver who aren't shorting against the box.........of twinkies for under $30 would be a win. Lill Debby Cakes take it all in overtime, details at 11.

      OK, so go long Lill Debby, but..........get the physical twinkies because you need the physical when the bunk bed busters hit and you fall to the floor, cuz weighing in at 300+ for "getting all the twinkies" means "the bodies hit the flo". So who's got the physical?
      The yellow cakes and just .................have to have the cream filling too..........just like it was back in 1933 when these things came out for you. O'mama......First depression made em and the second depression took em out.

      So how did CDE get way down here except to negate a few million in calls written by the cabal.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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