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  • csco_brat csco_brat Nov 27, 2012 5:42 PM Flag

    what is a good earnings estimate for 2013?? on CDE

    yahoo has estimates all over the map. Using the Mean, which i don't know is safe to use, the PE is 8's or very reasonable.

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    • I hearing the rumor that the board trying for to convince dennis wheeler to come out of retireemnt for to take over the company and make new disko deal. They wanting for to make aquistion this year and dennis can use his fame as world champion disco dancer to help make deal in south american country as the south american people very impressed with the disco style of the dancing. The problem is as soon as the announce wheeler coming back to stock price to dive like duck diving for to catch the tasty fish.

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      • King Foo --another old-timer here-- you were always good for a hearty laugh and how we needed that as everything unraveled with PM's in '08-09.
        Champion Disco Dancer indeed.
        I have owned both CDE and HL--- broke about even after much frustration. (could have done better with GS or Citibank).
        Hard to say whether Baker or Dennis was/is better at dumping unexpected turds on SH's.
        Being somewhat of a sadist, i ask the board whether HL or CDE is the better shot if PM's explode to upside as Sinclair and others predict?

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