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  • snook_lite snook_lite Jan 8, 2013 12:55 PM Flag

    More Coeur Clowns sell shares

    So it's a positive development for Coeur insiders to sell, eh? Their action seems to discount Krebs' goal of creating shareholder value. Indeed, they know that Krebs is taking page out of Wheeler's plan book by taking on Joaquim in Argentina. This will entrench management in a corporate works project that will ensure their employment for years. Shareholders will be promised to be rewarded as before with Palmerjo, Kensington, and St. Barts. I say before starting another billion dollar project: SHOW ME THE MONEY FROM PAST INVESTMENTS!!!!!!


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    • CDEs failure to hook up and rally with rising gold and silver prices indicates to me that the mkt. expects something to accompany the already expected qtly. miss - probably a LESS than favorable Reypatch/Rochester outcome.


    • So, insiders sell, Krebs commits to a project in a country that prohibits repatration of profits, manic market manipulation continues and Ed says it's all good with CDE trading in the LOW $2.30's.

      I made an investment decision today and passed on buying 100 shares of CDE and instead bought 100 ASEs.


    • snook -this is just one of many and by the time this is drilled out ,land package,further explored then a pea and permited it will be a couple years if the political situatio warrants it- a 60 million dollar purchase -nothing compared to palmarejo or barts-what a dumb comparison-don't forget the martha mill close by and on care-this is a tiny project that took advantage of politics to buy out our partner in a prolific land package -where do you get a billion and by the way pal,barts and kensington made a billion in revenue last year /900mill this what paid down all that debt ,debt free ,100mill share buyback,cash in bank-you are a button pusher that makes his money day trading -you not concerned at all with dividends or growth or resources-just using this to beat the negitivity drum f-joaquin resources can now be included with our other mines-those numbers now add to our resouce valuation---- you attempt to compare this to wheeler and the dilution of building two of the top 10 silver mines shows yourdesperation or stupidity

    • using wheeler .using palmarejo a world class deposit and claiming a billion t to spend on a little deposit in argentina that cost total 70 mill-getting entrenched in buildout when exploration unfinished pea not even started -snook delusional and all over the sale of how many shares snook and by whom again-as one leaves another comes-ceo of slw said silver could go to 22.00or 40.00 or both--as to rewarded you got a debt free company with 500,000,000oz's three long life mines cash in bank and a share buyback program of 100mill- are you the disco dunce or what

    • when paas was going to biuild orko and that is large depost the cost 250 million-joaquin is small at moment and will take time to drill out and pea while using martha fror some milling-krebbs bought this cheap because of argentina politics got rid of partner and could add ozs to cde resources and look good for analysts-jkrebbs will buy svbl next ----navidad another big project argentina 750 mill to build -a billion nice bit of fraud there-

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