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  • vcaritas vcaritas Jan 24, 2013 1:25 PM Flag

    Market shift: VXX VXZ on radar may mean correction

    VXX VXZ hit extremely oversold levels and now bouncing significantly.

    MIGHT mean major US indices are preparing for a pullback.

    SLV GLD weak.

    CDE: weak as well...upside config (according to my reading) is broken unless we git intraday perhaps closing a gap based on recent news. MUST bounce or will sell at loss.

    CDE touching just below lower end of Bollinger Band. Ordinarily, falling outta lower BB could be a sing of potential turnaround to upside, but GLD is at 200ma and silver is not showing significant strength right now.

    22.74 may be low of day for CDE, tho I have no dry powder for an add/trade upside.

    BSDM at 50ma/200ma.

    PSTI touched 200ma, but needs to hold that declining some. Small add this AM.

    GNBT had news. Treacherous teeny popper/pooper, but I like the science. jmo

    Had a number of profitable trades in 'additional shares' for ocean shipping and nat gas/energies. Not clear if bounce in all ocean shippers will hold...some extremely strong, others not. Sold most into bounces and attempting another tiny trade in SB. Holding some DSX DCIX and tiny amounts of some others in marine industries, and in nat gas/related/o&g.



    Agape ~

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