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  • edmundaronson edmundaronson Jan 29, 2013 5:18 AM Flag

    unbelievable-paas,ssri,hl,svm even exk,first majestic-market or management

    once mighty paas 17 with navidad cancelled and diluted to buy mfn,ssri down to 12 with one argentina mine,svm from 15 to 4.25 under short attack ,hl 5 and sinking with one mine and lucky fri MIA,exk at 7 diluted to buy el cubo and the best the last few years ag at 17 and sinking has diuted to buy orko--axu under 4 again, aurcana back to .80-silverfox pick your poison-------hui,gdx,gdxj,xau------gg,kgc,nem,abx,ngd,auq.kgi,rby-by silverfox standards they all need buyout-jpm in the market

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    • buying a battered sector with borrowed money and not diluting our shares while adding resources-why not- while we keep buying back shares on the cheap and later dilute for a immediately accreative quality producer with reserves or just keep buying and building 100 million oz juniors with base metal credits- i like kirkland for a gold mine with grades and a canadian mining district,alexco again really high grade silver in canada and district size.aurcana for its mexico/usa border and usa exposure,a 20 year mine with base metal credits and 2nd mine just now in production--cde keep accumulating button pushers and fake basher bagholders come and go-if your not growing your dying in this buisness---

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      • if your not growing your dying in this buisness---"

        Yeah, so what's the point of investing in Coeur or any other miner, huh??

        If 'this business' is not passing business profits to shareholders, then why plunk money down??

        Face it edDEE, this is the roach hotel sector of the capital markets. Money flows in from investors but NEVER flows back out to them! The buttom pushers are the ONLY( minor) winners-but still winners! The big winners are management who's job is to secure supply for the metal to banking/hedgefund shorts in gold and silver. Too bad you drank the KOOL-AID - it can be a VERY expensive drink! Better grab all the bullion you can. Coeur is selling gold and silver at a discount.


      • "if your not growing your dying in this business"

        particularly to stahlz...with his experiences...would/could you
        be so kind as to comment upon the beer business...past and present...
        oligopoly and microbreweries...recent mergers...and market trends...
        and the above quote...which might or might not have universality?...

        is growth necessary not to be devoured?...
        is the zero sum game...the pie...constant?

        I dunno...but there is NO doubt in my mind that the larger miners
        were always looking over their shoulders...making decisions that
        were only sane if they were running from enemies rather than
        building for their and their employees' life styles...the decisions
        rarely make sense for shareholders...IMO...and as an employee,
        not a shareholder, that can be just fine...

        if there could be dialogue on how another major industry does
        these things, that might be useful?



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