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  • vcaritas vcaritas Jan 30, 2013 1:26 PM Flag

    Just reported the 'spam' about overvalued..appears on dozens

    of message boards, with no REAL and OBJECTIVE backing for the alleged evaluation...not even from a technical standpoint, much less fundamentals (eg, CDE, with silver moving up and SLV now above the 50ma and the 200ma again...likely on the rise through at least the month of February, imo).

    MIGHT be a virus OR might be a virus at the website? Might be attempt at manipulation...since many stocks have moved UP considerably after the spammer states they are


    Meanwhile, some of their 'undervalued' picks may do poorly...

    Please help to report spammers and also mindless bashers who give no real info.\

    Most of the longs on the financial message boards have REASONS for their sentiment, tho
    they could be wrong, as I have often been in the past (and will again be wrong in the future,
    since NO ONE can pick perfectly every time, along with perfect entry, etc.).

    Even technical analysis only helps increase probabilities, but is never meant to be perfectly

    In other words, it is possible to be incorrectly enthusiastic about a long position in the market,
    but that is NOT THE SAME as deliberately spamming.

    Nor are any longs here powerful enough to move markets by posting positively (or even negatively
    as some of us sometimes do about any precious metals stock, including CDE).

    Multiple spammers, however, sometimes give the 'appearance' that something is wrong (or right)
    and may falsely influence at least some folks.

    Let's get rid of them when we find 'em.

    Click on 'report abuse' and explain the repetitive postings/whatever.

    Peace Prudence

    Logic Ethics

    Agape ~

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