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  • edmundaronson edmundaronson Mar 12, 2013 5:54 AM Flag

    we are silver /gold mining company on the move-a nice blend

    the addition of orko was a brilliant move balancing off bolivia exposure and slots in nicely for increasing production in 2016 also leaves room for another small accreative production purchase to add to rochestor/bolivia expansion -exploration at orko and mirasol along with kensington ,palmarejo and rochestor should keep cde active with positive news releases-apogee is dirt cheap now and could add production very quickly,svbl a little further down the road and my new favorite intl nortair with 50million maiden resource-production ,resources ,expansion and project pipeline----all the experience krebbs has gained in last decade is being put to use-we have secured funds have,growth internal and external,have share buyback a major project bought at sector lows and have young mines while buliding junior pipeline and exploration all over the place -what fun for birak,what fun for harrison with an accomdating ceo and a sector of savaged juniors begging for cash or acquistion and lurking in background our silver ally sprott----and what is this talk of beans try moving in on a billion oz's silver /gold

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    • doing some disco dancing with some silver bling bling and silver disco ball?

    • we are silver /gold mining company ..............

      Whatcha mean "WE" kimosabe. You must work out of a Coeur office or ya gotta a frog in your back pocket?

      WE shareholders have been left in the dust. Throughout Krebs' term at Coeur he's learned to deeply entrench himself and his lackies at the money trough while supplying silver and gold to what many think is a price manipulated mkt.

      If so, I'm sure Krebs is glad handed by Crimex boyz for supplying gold and silver to cover their naked shorts. Hedgies are likewise hand pumping for the great shorting opportunity they get from a company that neglects its shareholders.

      Cant fail to mention the Chinese, who got a sweetheart deal that's so good Coeur keeps it in the dark.
      How about Comibol in Bolivia? Some might think that arangement might better be thought of as 'payoff'.

      As for aquiring new assets, Why? Well, because Palmerjo was probably high-graded early on to pay down its exoberant cost. Little or no mention of Kensington's cut in reserves of 25%. Assume its mine life is now cut by 4 years.

      Ryepatch is certainly a feather in Krebs' hat as well.

      Edee, you paint such a pretty picture. Are you auditioning for a PR job? I think I'm getting jobbed everytime I read your posts.

      Oh well, all above is just opinion. So, why dont we ask the supreme arbitor of Krebs/Coeur efforts?

      Mr. Market, How says you?

      Err, umm.... $1.89

      Hey! Wez rich?

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