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  • monarch6500 Apr 3, 2013 10:31 AM Flag

    At current mining rate silver resources are to run out in 2029 per article in Scientific American.

    I was wondering about how much silver and gold there was left to mine so I googled it.
    Seems like the easy deposits have been mined or found. Their 2010 article indicated 2029 for silver
    and 2030 for gold. New deposits have been found since then but not the the extent to push out
    those time frames all that much.
    CDE has prepared for the future with ORKA and other positions.

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    • In 1951 in my freshman year in college my Geology prof. giving the lecture was Dr, James L Dyson .
      He was considered one of the best in the field involving natural oil and gas finds .
      He said at that time that the world oil supply was running out and industry was still burning it .
      He had all of his calculations showing that there would be nothing left in 20 years .
      Well here we are Dr. Dyson has left this world and we still are finding new massive supplies of oil .in areas that never could be envisioned then and now .
      I certainly repeated what Dyson had told us many times believing he of all people should know or at least come close to the right answer within a few years ..

      In this day and age they are still making huge finds of oil and gas and now I feel confident that I will be a lot warmer than I have ever experienced as I go out of this world in a puff of smoke from my cremation .and ExxonMobil will still be pumping as fast as they can .

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      • monarch6500 Apr 4, 2013 12:56 PM Flag

        I agree with you for the oil and gas.
        It is the cost to produce versus the ability to sell.
        The Texas and Oklamoma fields were most likely what he was referring to.
        The MidEast and Venazuela deposit were little known in 1951 and his information was from before then.
        Now it is about fracking and tar sands. Both are high cost and is reflected in $4+ gasoline.
        Growing biofuels is now economical to do.

        Silver and Gold can not be grown like corn. The shorts forget this fact.
        Kitco has also had articles about how all of the low hanging fruit has been picked.
        Orko was said to be one of the last large deposits.
        Digging deeper costs a lot more than surface deposits.

        I just do not think that we will find more silver and gold in a similar fashion as we did oil and gas.
        I mean how do you frack for silver?

        GLTU Stahlz

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    • just like natural gas and now oil?


      using history as my guide...

      doubting geo

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