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  • georgelkj georgelkj May 14, 2013 2:20 PM Flag

    I wonder...

    how Edmund, stahlz, mblimon, etal. feel about continuously and shamelessly pumping this pos. now? Oh they'll come with sector undermining and PM manipulation but nothing can explain why this company couldn't prosper during a PM boon! They'll also point out CDE is poised to make a move when the sector straightens out ignorant to the fact that CDE has been selling posturing and next quarters for decades. Instead they choose to believe, foolishly I might add, that longs were stupid instead of them relying on the lies by management founded on the same posturing premise. Notice not one of these mamaluccas have the CLASS or humility to admit to the error of their ways or at least offer a post that acknowledges some pessimism was in fact in order. The one truism that will come to bear is the pissmire will post a character assault. THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW!!

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    • georgie
      I have been out of CDE for quite awhile .
      Yes I have been fooling around with some Options but that is all .
      I have never been able to understand why there is a holding of 72 to 74 percent of the shares by same big shakers and movers .
      That has continually tweeked my interest .
      If that is a pump in your way of thinking so be it . .
      I can only think they see stability in this stock and also constantly write options against their positions .
      Van Guard having over 8 million shares is just one of the large share holders .
      Van Eck and Black Rock are just a couple of others I can think of without looking it up .

      As a matter of fact yesterday I called 2 old buddy brokers up in North Jersey and asked their opinions about selling Puts to acquire and then selling Covered Calls to make some safe money .
      My old ML buddy and I spoke about how he learned from me way back when and does it continually but doesn't go back to the same stocks but picks up new thoughts from what ML blurbs . and what they have on their ever changing lists .

      Okay georgie poorgie

    • poor georgie he goes long, I buy 21.00 puts ,he averages down I sold trading position at 24 bought in high 15.00's when it was on it's way to 31.00 I-couer made money during higher metals it gave them cash in bank ,strategic investments, cash rebuild rochestor ,exploration budget money to,buy jauquin, cash to do remedial work on kensington and paid off debt-metals down this low since mid april only and buy the way cde still made money first quarter and that's with 39.00 mill of delayed production sold in april---what we are aware of is georgies bashing,-georgie silver is 23.00 the sector has been savaged-think you better bash paper comex and the fed--I was suggesting insurance on this board which I bought with no concern if it lost -well it certainly pd off, while you were buying and then claiming down 15% but not worried- and going to buy more-i'll be buying again soon -let you know loser----by the way grades will be up Kensington, along with palmarejo and big jump in production rochestor with Bolivia production to increase at end of year-that's from I/r yesterday also don't worry about bolivian mining law-I don't get it georgie buys when I was nervous of market is he a judas goat -buy value sell exuberance don't know how many times I have posted that-but why should I knock production resources when metal was 30-35 range

    • Hi George!
      Do DA's change their minds when new evidence convinces everyone else that their original premise was WRONG¿¿¿

      • 2 Replies to bob_deloach
      • Hi, Bobby,
        Good question I guess it depends on the DA and the strength of his/her political popularity BUT if in your hypothetical the DA was anyone of the above mentioned posters the answer would be a resounding no! They'd rather go down; appear stupid and ill informed than admit a mistake or apologize for poor guidance! BTW, without looking into iggy bin I all ready know the pismire is on the attack one way or another what a p.o.s.!

      • never saw so many words written to describe a $1.40 stock that has gone down for decades and is currently in a death spiral led by managements desire to fatten their paychecks as shareholders lose their investment. CED is no doubt a top 10, worst performer on the exchange (any exchange) over 20 years for companies that have not gone out of business.

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