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  • grinderepos grinderepos Oct 4, 2013 9:59 AM Flag

    How much did the Rome trip cost shareholders?

    and how many traveled on shareholders backs?
    This was a cash incinerating trip for shareholders. No different than the goons in govt that spend like water with massive deficits. WE have HIGH costs here and why the F are they spending money on trips to ROME?

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    • I wonder if an objective business reporter could justify an Italian presentation. Surely, an outfit that has
      been in business for nearly one hundred years is well known and P/M sector investments aren't in great
      favor at this time. I wonder if the head honchos went for the presentation and came right home, or if they
      coordinated it with a European Fall vacation. It's hard not to be suspicious of this outfit given a long
      history of falling down on the job.

    • hope krebbs flew fist class and stayed in nice hotel suite and gave a very competent presentation to potential large European bankers and iinstitutional investors and i hope had cocktails and a fine dinner with large clients that buy more than 100 shares--this is the ceo of top silver producer that's building one of the top silver miners in world-j-

    • Worst managed company in US history.

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      • The mere fact that Coeur HAD been so badly managed and that there is now insider buying and some changes in management ought to make folks stop to think...

        that IF and WHEN CDE turns in a positive direction, it may move more than many others...on the basis of being a 'turnaround' story.


        In any case, rear window observations are worthwhile. Rear window THINKING is not even REAL thinking, since it does not take changes into consideration.

        The repetitive posts about bad management in the PAST and the endless negative recs to several longs, including me, lead me to believe 'someone' wants to accumulate at this level or lower...

        OR to cover a short before an upmove occurs.

        Energy is an expense for miners...crude has taken a hit recently...not a bad factor...and silver will likely turn to upside at some point in the next six months...likely very soon, in MY opinion.

        En plus, Forbes is fairly accurate (in my experience) in picking out oversold stocks with low RSI that are likely to bounce...

        so why did they pick CDE recently?

        If I had billions, I would continue to scale into miners, here, including CDE at this level...11's...tho I would not yet overweight. Remember I take tiny munches as a 'core' and add very small amounts...on the way down...

        Let's say I want to own 100,000 shares...My tiny a situation where the charts are in a DOWNMOVE would either be ZERO or only 50 or 100 shares as a 'bookmark'...Adding would be two or three adds of 100 shares, with some perhaps 200 shares in the 12's. Here might add 5,000. Once the move is clear...100,000 for trading, and would sell ALL if the move does not CONTINUE TO BE CLEAR...perhaps keeping the tiny core. NOT saying CDE would be my overweight...just trying to point out the ratios to explain how one may add but still own tiny amounts of each miner...and later decide which one to overweight. Has the 'Mexico' problem been priced in? Prayers n Agape ~

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