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  • edmundaronson edmundaronson Oct 31, 2013 12:14 PM Flag

    mexican mining royalty

    this is real issue both for palmarejo and preciosa as well as strategic investments for the future-at least we are diversified and have rochestor as a growing asset and experience in Bolivia with these iissues-nice to be diversified

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    • Ed_ With Mexico now about to have a 40% effective combined royalty/income tax rate, don't you suppose that some of that "safe jurisdiction" money may move to equally high cost countries like Argentina and Bolivia? The risky countries do seem to have the higher grade deposits yet to be developed.

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      • lpet...

        Please review Cerro Bayo to refresh your understanding about volcanic hosted vein silver deposits. Many of these deposits have vertically limited high grades and widths, often to particular volcanic units, sometimes by original boiling point considerations. That possible volume limitation has possible negative financial viability implications, vis a vis plant capital considerations and mining methods, compared perhaps to completely different deposits having great vertical extent in the Canadian Abitibi province.

        You may have an opportunity to ask questions and/or see poster session presentations at the Spokane Northwest Mining Association meeting early December. Unfortunately, this morning the organization website seems to be down, so that I couldn't look up what programs and display groups might be listed for that. This event is often one of the better venues for learning about junior miner projects.

        just a thought,


    • increasing sovereign royalties are simply a form of creeping nationalization. For now the host sovereigns are content to increase taxes.( One has to wonder how much unofficial taxation - GRAFT- occurs and how far down the rabbit hole Coeur may have gone?) But consider, that when metal prices do surge, sovereigns will be little satisfied with mere taxing. Full out nationalization will occur. Mining equities will fail. Shareholder suffering will finally end because their equity stake will be wiped out . Better to buy the physical metal and shun the mining producers.

    • 3 days ago this stock was over $13.00. Very volatile with gold and silver right now. You would think in this slow economy both metals would be up per oz. not down; silver especially since it has more demand in electronics, dentistry, industrial, etc.

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      • Might be final shakeout (with recent news) before another upmove.


        Metals overdue for a sustained upmove, imo. Will be timeframes in which miners outperform moves of the metals. One may also trade NUGT or other double or triple long the miners or the metals...or learn futures trading...

        and I would be accumulating precious metals if I had spare cash. Need my cash for family. Thus far, doctors and grocery stores don't take silver or gold bars...THUS FAR...

        Peace n Agape ~

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