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  • redarleyburg redarleyburg Mar 10, 2011 3:42 PM Flag

    Here is the problem

    First of all I'm long in a small Mot position since forever.
    Xoom vs. iPad 2. Yes Xoom does more. But that's not the issue. iPad itself is a totally unnecessary item. If the buyer was looking for maximum functionality they would get a full feature laptop. iPad appeals to frivolous people with money to burn. It's just a big iPod touch. Xoom is also an unnecessary item, real geeks and gamers will go for a big laptop.
    Apple wins this battle by a mile because iPad is a style, an ornament, a fashion statement. Xoom is none of those. Sorry Motorola.

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    • Yeah.. lets think here.. do people actually want to think about which tablet to buy (when it comes to the tech specs) or do they just wanna go with the name brand? (someone who actually has money to spend that is)

      No doubt I would buy a google tab or smartphone any day of the week.. but most people want that fashionable apple brand.

      None the less.. Atrix will set the bar for next gen smart phones and Moto is a competitive company

    • Not a problem.My Arix plugs into my laptop.They say there will be a glut of tablets.Not again.They will replace the laptop.Dsl is on its way out.Wireless hotspots along with a good wireless data plan works great.Why have both.
      The Atrix with a good data plan is all anyone will need in the future.Data plans will be offered to buyers at better rates in the future.Why would new buyers buy anything but a tablet or wireless smart phone.The Atrix will be connecting to the xoom too.Bye Bye laptops.That's why you see the pc companies digging into the market.Just a little late for most.

    • More people access the internet using their smartphones than desktop computers. Tablets fill a void of people at home who are doing their "online stuff". Tablets allow one to do this work, in bed, the car, on the toliet, in your hotel room.

      Tablets turn on instantly and shutoff instantly, and don't have the same power problems that laptops have.

      The problme with the Ipad, is your screen is littered with page after page of app icons. Xoom has a better unser interface for navigating around.