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  • dfcjxd3 dfcjxd3 Mar 23, 2011 2:56 PM Flag

    Future of Tablets here Already

    Once again, why are they using OLD Android versions in their new hardware? Also, isn't MID1025 a single core and comes with only 4GB of flash memory? It almost looks like you get what you pay for. I'm definitely not very excited about it.

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    • Seems you all still get hung up on the details that most of the world does not care about, dual core vs single core vs gazillion core...Android 2.9 or 999.9...who cares, this is not 1993 anymore. And now you see MOT moving away from Android...the differentiating factor you all drool about. I like their convergence idea but MOT will not be the ones to pull it off. Listen to this yawn-fest statement..."Consumers are increasingly using companion devices to augment their entertainment experience,” said John Burke, senior vice-president and general manager, Converged Experiences, Motorola Mobility. “Our SocialTV Companion Service is leveraging the convergence of companion devices, community and entertainment to create a more enjoyable and personalized experience for the consumer, while giving the service provider the ability to monetize that experience." Oh boy, sounds like fun, sign me up, NOT. Looks like the old MOT is back in action. Here is a recommendation, fire these jibber jabber speaking exec managers and hire a Justin Beiber to make your ideas seem cool and you might have a chance.